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MDDClone Section

The Mercenary/Damocles/Dion Crisis Clone for PC

Welcome to the MDDClone: an on-going project that brings the Mercenary series of games to modern computers. The latest version includes Mercenary 1: Escape From Targ, The Second City, Damocles, and Mercenary III: The Dion Crisis.

Copyright notice: Since Novagen is no more, the copyright for these games now presumably resides with Paul Woakes - the original author. The Mercenary Site has the explicit agreement of the former Novagen team to distibute MDDClone on a not-for-profit basis, noting that this effort is in no way associated with Psygnosis and/or Sony. Gentlemen - our sincere thanks in the name of all the fans of the Mercenary series.

Note: be wary of downloading MDDClone from other websites. We have an exclusive agreement with the MDDClone author meaning that the latest releases will be here and nowhere else!

There are now 2 versions of the MDDClone
The MDDClone here
Original port for Windows (from 98 to Vista).
This original version is hosted here and no place else. Will there be new versions, you should find them here.

Contact: Please send any feedback, comments, bug reports and the like directly to the MDDClone author.

The MDDClone-SDL here
SDL port by Szymon Ender
Runs on Windows (no Vista guarantee), Linux, OSX...
See Szymon's MDDClone-SDL page which will contain the most recent releases. Szymon is working way too much for me to be able to update the site in time for each new release ;-) But it seems the project is on hold for now.

Contact: Please send feedback to Szymon. His contact info is inside the launcher program, About tab, and inside documentation.

The MDDClone

Screenshot Version
MDDClone version 3.1 English - Released January 2007.
MDDClone version 3.1 Danish.
MDDClone version 3.1 Dutch.
MDDClone version 3.1 French.
MDDClone version 3.1 German.
MDDClone version 3.1 Greek.
MDDClone version 3.1 Hungarian.
MDDClone version 3.1 Italian.
MDDClone version 3.1 Italian. - Released May 2015 - 100% fully translated!
MDDClone version 3.1 Polish.

Technical information:
Requirements: A fairly recent PC e.g. Pentium II, Windows, Direct X (latest is always better). See the docs for Linux compatibility.
Files: see text files in the archive for information.
Please delete any old .INI files if you had a previous version of the MDDClone.
Improvements:- some translations updated.
- fixes the bugs reported in previous version.
- Escape From Targ, The Second City and Damocles still there.

note: MDDClone with Damocles Beta versions has been downloaded 818 times.
MDDClone v2.1 with the final Damocles version has been downloaded about 1950 times.
MDDClone v2.2 has been downloaded about 422 times.
MDDClone v2.3 has been downloaded about 782 times.
MDDClone v2.4 beta (Mercenary III beta version) has been downloaded about 450 times.
MDDClone v2.4 final has been downloaded about 1250 times.
MDDClone v2.5 has been downloaded about 864 times.
MDDClone v3.0 beta has been downloaded about 1062 times.
MDDClone v3.0 final has been downloaded about 1712 times (stopped counting!).

The MDDClone can load and save games, including Atari ST games, and the Damocles mission disks! (see here for mission disks instructions).
MetroMaster has built a configuration file to play the MDDClone with a Saitek X-52 flight control system!
The throttle controls the speed/stopping of vehicles. The fire button fires the weapon. Button A is run and button B is walk, button E to enter a vehicle and D is to disembark. The second POV hat switch is assigned as follows: Up to pick up an object, down to drop it, left and right to scroll through inventory in the left or right direction.

The MDDClone-SDL

Screenshot Version
Techdemo 23.3 Win 32-bit - binary release - Released March 2010.
Techdemo 23.3 Mac OS X - binary release, libraries included.
Techdemo 23.3 GNU/Linux 32-bit - binary release, libraries included.
Techdemo 23.3 GNU/Linux 64-bit - binary release, libraries included.
Techdemo 23 BSD 32-bit - binary release, libraries included.
Techdemo 23 BSD 64-bit - binary release, libraries included.

Detailed information:
See Szymon's MDDClone-SDL page.

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