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This site is dedicated to Mercenary, Damocles and Mercenary 3 games, by Paul Woakes, (c) Novagen.
They were released on Atari ST and Amiga computers (and elder 8-bits for Mercenary).

Thanks to everyone that contributed to this site, check the credits section. Their names are associated to each of their contirbutions :-)
(for E-mails, see also this section)

latest update: 22th July 2013

Updated items in 2013 are tagged with , so that you notice them easily.

Added a great interview from Ian Thompson-Yates. He sent it last year, sorry for the delay, very Damocles-like!
Updated the interview from Simon Berry. After reading Ian's interview, Simon sent me an update with more details about Albex duplication process.
Finally added Dave Dewson on the Novagen page. He left a message on the BBS saying he worked there too.

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There are still loads of info to be worked on for a next update - more to come as soon as I can.

Address for the site, with frames and without ads:
The other mirrors are now down or not updated anymore.


The Mercenary/Damocles/Dion Crisis Clone is the PC/Windows version of these classic games. Mercenary and Damocles (including the missions) and the Dion Crisis are all waiting for you!
Click here to read about this initiative, and freely download the latest version.


Don't waste any time, here they are! If you think some hints are missing or if you discovered more about the games, mail me!
Mercenary, Damocles and Mercenary III . Also available: the Targ Survival Kit (official hints for Mercenary 1).


If you never saw the games or would like to see them again, make your choice! About 30 pictures for every game are available, so you're warned: it might be long to be loaded.
Mercenary 1 and The Second City, Damocles and data disks, Mercenary 3, and the quick story and pictures of Damocles for PC!
See also the Atari ST demo of Damocles, the Damocles boxes scans and Mercenary 3 boxes scans.

Pictures and interviews of The NOVAGEN team - the people that made the games.

Thanks to the work of Peter Young, here are the first reviews available here. I should add some more in the future.


Amiga users, here are hard drive installers for Mercenary 1, Damocles and Mercenary 3! They also fix some problems for use with A1200. Thanks to John Selck who sent them.

The D-Bug team patched Damocles and Mercenary III to run on Atari Falcon. The patched games also work for conventional Atari ST, and are hard-drive intallable.

Also available: the public transport schedule that was supplied in Mercenary 3.

The emulators section is here to help you to run Mercenary with various emulators. Fell free to contribute if you know emulators that are not described yet!


Welcome to the Benson Board System! Use the Mercenary BBS to leave a message, comments about the site or to ask anything about the games! All of the fans will be able to read your messages, and I hope the members of the Novagen team will take a look at it from time to time. I hope to see it filled quite quickly! :)


They are now here !
Thanks to everyone that contributed (and keep contributing) to this site.

If you feel interested, have any wish or comment about this site, send me an Email!

This Mercenary site might take a long time to be built, don't be impatient!!! Riss-Key builders are sorry.

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