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Amiga-emulated remake for PC

Welcome to Mercenary Reloaded: a project by Andreas Eversberg, that brings Damocles and Mercenary III to PC. Play the original games with the usual graphics, or use an enhanced OpenGL quality (definition, anti-aliasing), a faster rendition speed, a larger viewpoint, or even a VR version (Oculus Rift)!

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Andreas did a stunning work with Mercenary Reloaded. The program emulates the Amiga version of Damocles (including Mission Disks) and Mercenary III. Games can be saved on the PC hard drive. Regarding graphics, I'll let the screenshots speak!

Having a larger viewpoint (without the Author's Computer!) is a great addition. More details have been added, such as the stars moving in the sky with the planets at night. You can select between the original speed rendition, or a far more fluid one. The game is running great even on old machines (see on the right, on a EeePC-901).
Those improvements may go with a few glitches, such as de-synchronized dialogs with Benson during flights or taxi rides. Space navigation is a bit more complicated too, as planets dots are smaller, thus harder to notice - but you can switch back anytime to the original rendering or speed. You may also notice the inter-city's flight shake a lot, a side-effect of an original effect in Mercenary III.

Enjoy, and feel free to contact Andreas to report any strange detail or problem!

 Original rendering:

OpenGL rendering on a 2009 EeePC-901 laptop (low anti-aliasing):

 Options from Mercenary Reloaded:

Mercenary Reloaded in the early stage was an emulator that only emulated parts of the Amiga hardware to run the Mercenary games: Damocles and The Dion Crisis on modern PC. The CPU is emulated as well as some hardware access to control video, audio, disk and input devices.

After improvement of the emulator, the rendering of the original game execution is tracked, so vertices, polygons, lines, points, planets, sky, ground and other elements are stored in a structure that describes a rendered frame. This structure is used to render the frame with OpenGL and also to interpolate motion between subsequent frames. The games runs at high resolution with smooth motion now.

The VR version (Oculus Rift) uses this frame structure to render both eyes at different location with different field-of-view. Rotation and movement of the headset (tracking) is possible without touching the game itself. Controllers allow the player to walk on planets or control space craft without a joystick. Instead, the an XBox-Controller or Oculus Touch Controller is used. A virtual keyboard is rendered and used to emulate an Amiga keyboard in VR.
OpenGL rendering on a recent laptop (note the anti-aliasing this time!):

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