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The Novagen office.

The Novagen office (142 Alcester Road, Birmingham, UK) was an important place in Damocles and Mercenary III, and a funny wink to reality, alongside many others. Let's not turn into paparazzis, but some players were curious to see how it looked in real life. And as you will see, the building was really designed close to the real one. Thanks to Simone and comments of former Novagen people that helped with this section.
Pictures are (c) Google - Google Maps and Google Street View.

Seen from above, you can see the building structure is similar in the game.

The front (the "closed" side in the game) is less obvious. If you look carefully, there are offices on the second floor behind the "store front" of the estate agent. It's very common for this kind of office to be sub-let as a small business office - which is what Novagen did.

For the fun, see who's next to the office? Lloyds, does it ring a bell?

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