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Games for Atari Falcon

So here can you download Damocles and Mercenary III, patched by the D-Bug team, for Atari Falcon. The games also work for conventional Atari ST, and are hard-drive intallable. Thanks to:
- GGN from the D-Bug team for the files
- Bruce Jordan for the agreement of having the files on the website

Usual warning notice: whoever uses those patches is the sole responsible. The D-Bug team or the Mercenary Site cannot take any blame if anything bad happens to their data. These patches have been tested and worked 100% reliably on the tested setups, but we can't guarantee that it will work in all setups.
About game saving: the load/save routines haven't been changed. Feedback is welcome on D-Bug's forum if they do work or not, and on which configuration (ST / Faclon, from hard-drive or floppy...)
Copyright notice: from Bruce Jordan, 04 Fev 2007: "Yes, no problem on putting a Falcon version on the site. Those old (and they must be now) Atari fans deserve all of the support that they can get." Once again, thanks for your humour and support, Mr Jordan.
Download notice: you can also download the programs from D-Bug's page (see links page).


Damocles Mercenary III


Mercenary III

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