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Credits and Links

Since many people helped me building this site, by providing information, maps, reviews, cheats, etc; it was clear that a credits page was needed ! My thanks go to any one listed here. You'll also find links to other sites here.
You can also contact me.


If your name is missing, or if I can add or must remove your email from this section, please contact me.
Names are in no special order. (*) means that this person has worked for Novagen (directly employed or not).
Thanks go to... For... Optional link
Bruce Jordan *Time, much info, help on translation, agreement to publish many files, humour and everything... RIP.
Mo Warden *Time, much info, games reviews, Damocles for PC picturesGrafixation site (web design and more)
Adrian HurtMuch info
Mark SachsThe Hitch-Hicker's Guide To DamoclesPersonnal site
Simon Berry *Time, much info
MoozIncredible looking maps for Mercenary 1 and 2nd CityPersonal site
Peter TuckerScans
Jeremy SmithScans ! (Targ survival Kit, Interlude on Targ novella, Mercenary Compendium)Games Novellas Homepage (including Interlude On Targ)
Simone GremmoScanned Damocles for PC pics, Gamma System Explorer, cheatsAll Simone's works around Mercenary, lots of interesting things.
Gamma system addon for Celestia
Neil Toulouse *Info
James KrachtMercenary has inspired him a novel, The Rise And Fall Of ShimmerismOfficial site
Andrew Williams1st scan of the Mercenary 1 Orbital Complex (from the Targ Survival Kit + hi-res map), C64 emulator section
Peter Pachla *Info
John SelckExcellent maps for Mernceary 1 underground and orbital complex, Amiga HD installers, maps for The Second CityWHDLoad
Ulrich JeronoScan of 2nd City magazine maps
Peter YoungHTML games reviews
Neil CrumpHTML games reviews
Dave WeeksScanned games reviews
LorenzoScanned Mercenary 3 cheat part 2
JohnSent a 2nd City solution
Roadki11Amiga emulator info
Frank Schröder-HöftmannInfo
Pawel GaryckiMuch Mercenary 3 and Damocles infoPersonal site
Voyage of the B.S.M. Pandora - PC game
Alain DecayeuxScan of Mercenary 1 Underground Complex (from a French version of the Targ Survival Kit ?)Games nostalgia website
Glenn AndrewsInfo
Stewart GilrayInfo (his name is in Damocles' Novagen Safe :-)
John MilfordInfo (his name is in Damocles' Novagen Safe too :-)
Guy HaversOffered to scan the Targ Survival Kit
NovaHas started a website for the Mercenary 4 projectMercenary 4 project (link dead)
Roy GriffithsHas written the solution for Mercenary - Escape From Targ
Nick Bacchus *Much info
Michael Rooke *Much info
Achim HaertelExcellent maps for The Second City underground and orbital complex
Paul DixonComplete and detailed solution for The Second City
Derrick Bill NewallScan of Damocles for PC preview in Edge magazine
Graham H DodsworthColor maps for Escape From Targ
Jonathon Wild *Information about '95 Damocles for PC versionPsygnosis!
WeplAmiga HD installersWHDLoad
Andy KrouwelMercenary 1 reviews
Timo Weirich'95 Damocles for PC pictures
Szymon EnderMercenary 1 theft solution and other informationSolution on Szymon's website
Angus Manwaringscan of Amiga Power #1, page 12The Amiga Games Database
Iain Smithscans of the Amiga Damocles Mission Disk 1
MetroMasterSaitek X-52 joystick configuration file for the MDDClone
George NakosDamocles and Mercenary 3 for Atari FalconD-Bug team
Ben HillLocated the antenna in Second City solution
Szymon GrygielSome hints in Mercenary solution
Allan UllmannScans of Mercenary 1 boxes, tapes and mannuals
John PollardHints from unknow source for Mercenary 1
Steven SargentInfo
Stephen from AustraliaSent info about music for Mercenary 1 C64 US Gold release
DiscigabiCorrected a coordinate mistake for a hidden explosive in the Damocles guideDamocles solutions on Youtube

(messy) LINKS

(Also check the Credits section for intersting links...)

(sorry if the links are not really up-to-date... They tend to be broken rather quickly, so it's not the most-updated part of the site !)

Steven Gregory has written a nice entry on the AtariCrypt blog about Mercenary.

I stumbled upon a blog (apparently shelved since 2006) by Mo Warden, with a detailed post about her games industry career.

Andy Krouwel's excellent article about the making of Mercenary (published in Edge #153) is online, thanks Andy. Also, don't miss the small comment about it on Andy's main page, really worth reading IMHO ;)

Electrondance blog has a full 3-parts article on Mercenary 1 by Joel Goodwin. It's excellent!

Another good read on US Gamer, about the 3 episodes, by Pete Davison. With pictures taken from this site ;)

Check this great article on Mercenary from Tony Coles, for Eurogamer. Very nice read!

You can now order the documentary From Bedroom To Billions, which holds an interview with Mo Warden! Haven't seen it myself but it seems promising.

The nice Aaron Littlefield's Mercenary walkthrough, for Sepctrum computers.

Devil Master's website, where you can find many things: TADPSID, a virtual environment based on Damocles for PC, the April fool review of Mercenary 4 and the "behind the scenes" section, explaining how the joke was created, and finally his analysis of the screenshots of Damocles for PC.

The Automation and D-Bug team website, where you can find lots of Atari ST games patched to run from hard-drive and for Falcon.

Angus' Amiga Games Database: a collection of Amiga Game reviews by Amiga players, including several reviews of Mercenary and Damocles.

Amiga Magazine Rack: a large review database which is linked to tens of thousands of scanned pages, including several reviews of Mercenary, Damocles and Mercenary III (for Atari ST too).

Daren Pearcy's website dedicated to action replay recordings for the ZX Spectrum computer. On the site is a walkthrough recording of Mercenary, which can be played back in any supporting Spectrum emulator (listed on the page).

Very nicely designed website of reviews for Amiga, especially holding reviews of Mercenary, Damocles and Mercenary 3.

Excellent review of the three games at Atari Explorer website (site dead? link on wayback machine).

Amazing site dedicated to the Commodore Plus/4 computer. Search for Mercenary, you should find an extremely detailed page for each release of the game, with also maps and other items!

John McCullagh has build a very nice site inspired by this one at (site dead?).

The Damocles Demo from ST User was found on Zogging Hell website - check their great Atari ST coverdisks section.
View the video (thanks to '256 Colors').

A preview of Damocles for PC, from 1995...

If you had an Atari, I strongly suggest you to try the PaCifiST or WinSTon emulator, check the emulators section.

Did you know that Mercenary has inspired a novel by James V. Kracht? The book has now been published !

Oh and there are now lots of demos, walkthroughs, from various versions of the games, on Youtube. There are too many to list...
For instance Jim Plays Games - Mercenary III, sergant11280's Mercenary III walkthroughs, Mercenary C64 longplay by DerSchmu, Fonsisweb's Commodore Plus4 videos, an Escape From Targ speedrun, a ZX Spectrum walkthrough, and so on...

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