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Credits and Links

Since many people helped me building this site, by providing information, maps, reviews, cheats, etc; it was clear that a credits page was needed ! My thanks go to any one listed here. You'll also find links to other sites here.
You can also contact me.


If your name is missing, or if I can add or must remove your email from this section, please contact me.
Names are in no special order. (*) means that this person has worked for Novagen (directly employed or not).
Thanks go to... For... Optional link
Bruce Jordan *Time, much info, help on translation, agreement to publish many files, humour and everything... RIP.
Mo Warden *Time, much info, games reviews, Damocles for PC pictures Personal information
Grafixation site (web design and more)
Adrian HurtMuch info
Mark SachsThe Hitch-Hicker's Guide To DamoclesPersonnal site
Simon Berry *Time, much info
MoozIncredible looking maps for Mercenary 1 and 2nd CityPersonal site (dead link, see on Wayback Machine)
Peter TuckerScans
Jeremy SmithScans ! (Targ survival Kit, Interlude on Targ novella, Mercenary Compendium)Games Novellas Homepage (including Interlude On Targ)
Simone GremmoScanned Damocles for PC pics, Gamma System Explorer, cheatsAll Simone's works around Mercenary, lots of interesting things.
Neil Toulouse *Info
James KrachtMercenary has inspired him a novel, The Rise And Fall Of ShimmerismOfficial site (dead link, Wayback Machine backup)
Andrew Williams1st scan of the Mercenary 1 Orbital Complex (from the Targ Survival Kit + hi-res map), C64 emulator section
Peter Pachla *Info
John SelckExcellent maps for Mernceary 1 underground and orbital complex, Amiga HD installers, maps for The Second CityWHDLoad
Ulrich JeronoScan of 2nd City magazine maps
Peter YoungHTML games reviews
Neil CrumpHTML games reviews
Dave WeeksScanned games reviews
LorenzoScanned Mercenary 3 cheat part 2
JohnSent a 2nd City solution
Roadki11Amiga emulator info
Frank Schröder-HöftmannInfo
Pawel GaryckiMuch Mercenary 3 and Damocles infoPersonal site
Alain DecayeuxScan of Mercenary 1 Underground Complex (from a French version of the Targ Survival Kit ?)Games nostalgia website
Glenn AndrewsInfo
Stewart GilrayInfo (his name is in Damocles' Novagen Cabinet :-)
John MilfordInfo (his name is in Damocles' Novagen Cabinet too :-)
Guy HaversOffered to scan the Targ Survival Kit
NovaHas started a website for the Mercenary 4 projectMercenary 4 project (dead link)
Roy GriffithsHas written the solution for Mercenary - Escape From Targ
Nick Bacchus *Much info
Michael Rooke *Much info
Achim HaertelExcellent maps for The Second City underground and orbital complex
Paul DixonComplete and detailed solution for The Second City
Derrick Bill NewallScan of Damocles for PC preview in Edge magazine
Graham H DodsworthColor maps for Escape From Targ
Jonathon Wild *Information about '95 Damocles for PC versionPsygnosis!
WeplAmiga HD installersWHDLoad
Andy KrouwelMercenary 1 reviews, many information.
Timo Weirich'95 Damocles for PC pictures
Szymon EnderMercenary 1 theft solution and other informationSolution on Szymon's website
Angus Manwaringscan of Amiga Power #1, page 12The Amiga Games Database
Iain Smithscans of the Amiga Damocles Mission Disk 1
MetroMasterSaitek X-52 joystick configuration file for the MDDClone
George NakosDamocles and Mercenary 3 for Atari FalconD-Bug team
Ben HillLocated the antenna in Second City solution
Szymon GrygielSome hints in Mercenary solution
Allan UllmannScans of Mercenary 1 boxes, tapes and manuals
John PollardHints from unknow source for Mercenary 1
Steven SargentInfo (his name is in Damocles' Novagen Cabinet too :-)
Stephen from AustraliaSent info about music for Mercenary 1 C64 US Gold release
Gabor KissCorrected several things in the Damocles guide, solutions videos, great HTML5 mapsDamocles solutions on Youtube
Andrew GriffithsTook Paul Woakes' photo in 2002 (see Paul Woakes tribute page)
Tom DaviesShared Paul Woakes' photo from 2002
Hyper SonicCorrected details on the 2nd City solution
Juri FossaroliInformation for the Damocles guide
Graham CrumpInformation for the Damocles guide
Stephen StuttardMany scans: boxes, manuals, ...
Jacob de MezaVarious pictures: maps, boxes, ...
Ross "the furthest man from home"Info
Robert LawlorInfo
Paul HuhgesInfo on Novaload and UK's game industry
Andreas EversbergMercenary Reloaded and playable Damocles demo
Darren WhitingInformation about the Targ Survival Kit
Eddie Fisher *Info
Gary Walton *Info
Stewart Burne-JonesYoutube videos (see links section)
Ian Thompson-Yates *Info
Jason Paul Bowker *Info
Russ LanierInfo
Mike ClarkeInfo about Psygnosis
Andreas WallströmAllowed to use material from


(Also check the Credits section for intersting links...)

(Last validity check: October 2020)
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The making of Mercenary
and many other goodies!
Andy Krouwel's excellent article, published in Edge #153, is online. If you scroll down the page, you will find invaluable material from Bruce Jordan and Mo Warden, including Damocles for PC music, the Continuum storyboard (the last Novagen game project), and Damocles and Encounter sketches. Also, don't miss the small comment about it on Andy's main page, really worth reading IMHO ;)
Many, many thanks to Andy for having opened his treasure chest to us!
The making of Mercenary
The First Open World Electrondance blog has this full 3-parts article on Mercenary 1 by Joel Goodwin. It's excellent! Part one
Part two
Part three
Origins of the Open World: Mercenary Another good read, about the 3 episodes, by Pete Davison. With pictures taken from this site ;) Read on US Gamer site
The Digital Antiquarian: Mercenary Yet another interesting read by Jimmy Maher, on The Digital Antiquarian website. The Digital Antiquarian: Mercenary
Eurogamer: Mercenary retrospective Check this great article on Mercenary from Tony Coles, for Eurogamer. Very nice read! Mercenary retrospective
Livejournal: on the death of Paul Woakes Andrew Gillett is paying tribute to Paul Woakes with memories of Mercenary III Andrew's article
Amiga Reviews website Very nicely designed website of magazines reviews for Amiga, re-creating in HTML the articles from the 80s and 90s. Especially holding reviews of our favourite three games. Mercenary reviews
Damocles reviews
Mercenary 3 reviews
Amiga Magazine Rack A large review database which is linked to tens of thousands of scanned pages, including several reviews of Mercenary, Damocles and Mercenary III (for Atari ST too). Amiga Magazine Rack
ZX Spectrum Reviews Articles compilations from, about Mercenary 1 Escape From Targ and The Second City. Quite interesting to see the various articles dates (hence games releases or re-releases). Escape From Targ
The Second City
The Amiga Games Database Angus Manwaring and Dennis Smith's Amiga Games Database: a collection of Amiga Game reviews by Amiga players, including several reviews of Mercenary and Damocles. Amiga Games Database
Mercenary walkthrough The nice Aaron Littlefield's Mercenary walkthrough, for Sepctrum computers. Mercenary: Escape from Targ (walkthrough)
AtariCrypt blog: the Mercenary site I was interviewed by Steven Gregory, who wrote a nice entry on the AtariCrypt blog about Mercenary and this website. AtariCrypt blog
Sinus Iridum I stumbled upon a blog (apparently shelved since 2006) by Mo Warden, with a detailed post about her games industry career. (shelved) Mo Warden's blog
Coming Soon magazine A preview of Damocles for PC, from 1995... News article about Damocles '95
Atari Explorer (dead site?) Excellent review of the three games at Atari Explorer website link on wayback machine (Old link).
Player Spirit magazine A French magazine who did a 14-pages long article about Mercenary origins and legacy. It's not online, it's in their 5th issue from spring 2019, and it's in French. Player Spirit website
Retro Gamer magazine Retro Gamer issued a few very good articles related to Novagen: an interview with Mo Warden (2017, issue 166, p.92-97), and two pages about Paul Woakes passing (2018, issue 179, p.8-9). There's also in interview of Tony Takoushi saying a few words about his experience with Paul Woakes. I guess you can still buy them back. Retro Gamer website
Tony Takoushi interview online.

Title Content Link
MDDClone Amazing complete remake of Mercenary, Damocles and Mercenary III for Windows. Also exists in an SDL enhanced version (Mercenary only) by Szymon Ender. MDDClone page (this site) Szymon's MDDClone SDL page
Mercenary Reloaded Andreas Eversberg's great enhanced OpenGL quality port of Amiga versions of Damocles and Mercenary III. See also on our dedicated page for details. Mercenary reloaded
TADPSID TADPSID is a virtual environment based on Damocles for PC with the released screenshots as a reference, made by Simone Gremmo. He turned it into a specific story, based on his ideas for a 4th Mercenary episode. See also Simone's other Mercenary projects in the "related sites" links. TADPSID website
MERC, Mercenary-like game Gabor Torok's "Merc", an interesting very Mercenary-like game, which he describes as his lost sequel to Mercenary, currently in development.
Merc 0.62
Little Green Desktop (old!) If you had an Atari ST, this old Little Green Desktop website used to be a reference. It can still be useful though, if you're willing to emulate games using old PCs: try the PaCifiST or WinSTon emulators from their emulators section. But you'd rather use Steem now ;) PaCifiST
D-Bug team website The Automation and D-Bug team website, where you can find lots of Atari ST games patched to run from hard-drive and for Falcon, including Damocles and Mercenary III games. They got two links, but it's the same site.
icu64-hacking-games Hyper Sonic sent me a link to this site, demonstrating how he managed to handle corrdinates in real time with The Second City running on a C64 emulator. C64 Mercenary Second City coordinates
Mercenary on Jaguar project Lawrence Staveley was working on a Jaguar port of Mercenary. As far as I know, it remained unfinished though. Conversation at Atariage forum

Title Content Link
Mercenary BBS After the old Mercenary BBS disappeared, Simone Gremmo set up a new BBS on Reddit. Mercenary BBS
Telegram group Szymon Ender set up a Telegram group for Mercenary players. Feel free to join in! Telegram group
Devil Master's Mercenary fan works Simone Gremmo's many projects around Mercenary: TADPSID, Gamma Explorer, Duke Dammocles, Mercenary 4 April fool's joke (and the "behind the scenes" section, explaining how the joke was created), Dark Mercenary, Gamma system for Celestia, and a full analysis of the first Damocles for PC pictures that were publicly released. Simone's Mercenary projects
Commodore Plus/4 World Amazing site dedicated to the Commodore Plus/4 computer. Search for Mercenary, you should find an extremely detailed page for each release of the game, with also maps and other items! Commodore Plus/4 World
Mercenary page
Page 6 magazine Site dedicated to the old Atari magazine from Birmingham, linked to the Birmingham User Group (BUG), which Paul Woakes visited at the time he began coding. Page 6 magazine
Zogging Hell!!! Zogging Hell is dedicated to vintage computers and consoles, with a specialism in the Atari ST. The Damocles Demo from ST User was found on Zogging Hell website - check their great Atari ST coverdisks section. Zogging Hell website
From Bedroom to Billions Very good documentary about the beginnings of the video games industry in the UK. Very nicely done, holds many interviews, including Mo Warden - though her contribution is a bit short to my taste in the final movie, wish they published the full interview some day. They also have another movie about Amiga games, which I haven't seen. From Bedroom to Billions
The Rise and Fall of Shimmerism Did you know that Mercenary has inspired a novel by James V. Kracht? The old website seems down (, so I added links from Wayback Machine, of the newest website version, but its FAQ hasn't been archived, so I also added an old version of the FAQ. And also the order link from Amazon. Site backup
Amazon order
Australian Fiction David Hearne's website. David is a screenwriter (2 short films made, 3 books) inspired by (among others) Mercenary. One of his latest feature screenplay features a robot named Benson. He's trapped on a Comedy Cruise space liner called 'Targ' which he cannot escape from. Australian Fiction site
RZX Archive Daren Pearcy's website dedicated to action replay recordings for the ZX Spectrum computer. On the site is a walkthrough recording of Mercenary, which can be played back in any supporting Spectrum emulator (listed on the page). RZX Archive
Novagen Games Tribute Site (down?) John McCullagh had build a very nice site inspired by this one, which sadly disappeared with Geocities - unless I missed some new URL. Here's a link from one of those Geocities backup sites. John McCullagh's site

Title Content Link
Mercenary for the Atari 8-bit family By Highretrogamelord, who doesn't seem to know he can go underground ;) This was the 1st version of Mercenary. Mercenary for Atari 8-bits
Mercenary - C64 Longplay Solution in English, by DerSchmu. Exists in 240p or 720p. 720p
Mercenary - The 8 Bit Face-Off Kerfuffle By Mamemeister, taking a look at the various 8 bit versions. Mercenary 8-bits versions
Mercenary - C64 Playguide Review Mercenary: Escape from Targ for C64 by LemonTube64 ( Solution in English, loaded from tape with Novaload music. solution
Mercenary - Plus/4 Speed Run (solution) Mercenary: Escape From Targ - Speed Run solution on Commodore Plus/4, by ulysses777x. Speed Run means the fastest possible way of finishing the game. Commodore Plus/4 solution
Mercenary - Plus/4 various videos Fonsisweb has many videos of Commodore Plus/4 games, including several ones from Mercenary. Commodore Plus/4 videos
Mercenary - Spectrum walkthrough Spectrum walkthrough by RZX Archive. 51 mins long! Spectrum walkthrough
Mercenary - Atari ST Let's Play 1001 Games - Episode 130, by Gaming Jay. Shows the Atari ST version Atari ST game
Mercenary Compendium, Escape From Targ - Amiga By petsasjim1. Obviously he doesn't really know what to do, but shows the Amiga Compendium loading screen, selecting between Targ and 2nd City. Amiga Mercenary Compendium
Mercenary, random walk - Amiga '256 Colors' offers a video of Escape From Targ, with a good part in the underground complex. Mercenary Amiga
Mercenary - MDDClone-SDL By EnjoMitch. Enjo made a SDL port of the MDDClone, for Mercenary 1, which you can download from this site, but he also made a video so you can see the result ;) MDDClone-SDL
Mercenary - destroy Mechanoids sites - MDDClone Electron Dance shows the Mercenary 'military solution', using MDDClone. Check their great article link in the... Articles links! Military solution - MDDClone
Mercenary - Paul Woakes tribute - MDDClone Still Electron Dance, in this Paul Woakes tribute mainly showing Mercenary and Second City, but also Encounter, Damocles and Mercenary III. Paul woakes tribute
Mercenary demo - Gameboy Colour Three demos of the unreleased and scrapped Mercenary conversion for the Gameboy Colour. (c) Thalamus Interactive 2000, thanks to Games That Weren't. Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3
Second City - Stealing ship solution - Atari ST Video from coy8149, showing how to escape from the 2nd City, by stealing the interstellar ship. Thief solution - Atari ST
Second City - walkthrough - Plus/4 By fonsisweb, a speed run winning game (less than 7 minutes!). Walkthrough - Plus/4
Second City (Compendium) - beginning - Amiga By petsasjim1 again, launching the 2nd City on the Mercenary Compendium for Amiga, which shows the specific selection screen at start. 2nd City (Compendium) - Amiga
Second City - random walk - C64 Checkpoint TV showing the Commodore 64 version of 2nd City. Not much happening there, but it gives an idea. Walkthrough - C64
"Third City" - C64 This is a funny curiosity posted by A Retro Syntaxing Era {ARSE}, Created in 1989 by Kyle Arnold: a text-based version of Mercenary ;) The 3rd City, text based - C64
Damocles - Atari ST demo The Atari ST Damocles Demo, from ST User magazine coverdisk, on Vimeo or Youtube, thanks to '256 Colors'. Damocles demo (Vimeo)
Damocles demo (Youtube)
Damocles solutions - Amiga Discigabi (Gabor Kiss) made a video for each possible solution of Damocles, playing on Amiga.
Novabomb on Damocles - Novabomb on Icarus - Damocles destroyed by Author's Computer - Icarus destroyed by Author's Computer - Damocles destroyed by Magic Crystal - Damocles and Eris saved by Magic Crystal - Explosives on Damocles - Explosives on Icarus
Damocles review - Amiga Interesting and well-documented review, by Amigos Retro Gaming. The review itself begins around 25mins. Amigos: Everything Amiga Podcast 212
Retro Recipes: Peri Plays Damocles - Amiga 3 hours long full (emulated) Amiga longplay of Damocles, with a live chat and apparently a lot of people watching. Retro Recipes Live: Peri Plays Damocles
Atari ST A to Z: Damocles Pete Davison explains the game story and gives a try at playing again... And fails at saving Eris, hence the title ;) COMPLETE FAILURE - Damocles
Damocles and Mercenary III - Atari ST emulator StooDogg had made many videos of Damocles and Mercenary III, including solutions. Follow the link to have the full list. StooDogg's videos
Damocles and Mercenary III - Mercenary Reloaded Andreas Eversberg's trailer for Mercenary Reloaded. Mercenary Reloaded
Mercenary III, Ain't Played In Ages - MDDClone By JimPlaysGames, extended play in ten parts (hours!) using MDDClone (and not a ST like stated). Part 9 is especially funny when he gets out of money, and kicked out from a taxi in front of a bank giving him 10 millions - amazing luck ;) Jim plays Mercenary III
Let's play Mercenary III - Amiga GrafDuster plays the game on Amiga, commenting in German. Let's play Mercenary III
Mercenary III solutions There used to be a complete set of solutions, in French, by "Beussa Beussa". Saldy the link seems dead right now - adding it just in case it ever comes back. Mercenary III solutions (Fr) (dead link?)
Damocles '95 for PC Videos made in 2008, see the Damocles for PC page for details. The Mercenary Site got the "go" to share them so here they are!
Intro - Getting the limo - Getting to the Pres - Brief - Get the key - Get the Dart - Stumbling around and some news - Vesta - Lucan - Dion, Moseley Road - Dion, splash - Atropos, wandering - Cronus, a beacon - Cronus - Wandering around, a transporter - Transporter - Suffocated (bug!)
Damocles remake - Concept Trailer In 2016, by JAW Ltd. Stewart's project to re-make Damocles, sadly shelved since the Intellectual Property could not be clearly sorted, though Paul Woakes was OK. Damocles - Concept Trailer

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