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Music and sounds

Yes, there was some music here or there in the games. Sometimes.

Music from Mercenary 1
Stephen, from Australia, informed me that the US Gold release of Mercenary 1 tape for C64 had a loading music. What? Yes, indeed. That's apparently the very only version with music. I have no information about the history or composer of it. Not the most beautiful one IMHO...
The reason for this music being here is probably due to the use of a more recent version of Novaload, Novagen's fast loader, which at some point allowed music being played while the tape was loading.
Download C64 Mercenary 1 loading music

Sounds from Mercenary 1
Long ago I recorded sounds from Mercenary 1, Atari ST version. Here they are, just in case you'd like to use some for your phone alarms or whatever!
Mercenary 1 - Benson
Mercenary 1 - crash imminent
Mercenary 1 - door
Mercenary 1 - enemy shoots and hits
Mercenary 1 - lift (hangar)
Mercenary 1 - returning to (Benson)
Mercenary 1 - manual control (Benson) (thank you Benson...)
Mercenary 1 - ship crash
Mercenary 1 - ping
Mercenary 1 - ship in flight, full speed
Mercenary 1 - shoot
Mercenary 1 - shoot and destroy building
Mercenary 1 - teleport
Mercenary 1 - wall

Music from Damocles
This music is only available in the game if you find the Ghettoblaster and decide to power it on.
Originally composed for Backlash by Simon Berry in one day, I'm not quite sure Simon was aware, at the time, that his music was to be re-used in Damocles. Read Simon Berry's interview to understand why ;)
Download Damocles music

Sounds from Damocles
Just like for Mercenary 1, here are some Atari ST version recorded sounds. I do use some for my phone ;)
Damocles - Benson
Damocles - ping
Damocles - door

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