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The NOVAGEN team.

Here are the pictures of the people that made it!

I don't have any picture of Paul Woakes, sorry; it seems he's a very secret and busy man.

Many people worked on Mercenary and Novagen games. It's been great to see how all of them were surprised with the site, and how they helped! You'll find many of the names listed here in the games (buildings or planets) (contact me for any mistake or if your name is missing !):

  • Paul Woakes (the boss) - RIP, Jul 15 2017
  • Bruce Jordan (the boss #2) - RIP, Sep 21 2007
  • Mo Warden (graphic designer) - Interview -
  • Tim Bosher (public relations)
  • Gary Walton (design assistant)
  • Neil Toulouse (packaging and design assistant) - Interview -
  • Nick Bacchus (packaging and design assistant)
  • Ian Thompson-Yates (public relations, product testing and others) - Interview -
  • Jack Moorby (printed graphics)
  • Peter Pachla (programme assistant)
  • Martin Stallard (design assistant)
  • Michael Rooke (sound effects) - Interview -
  • Simon Berry (mastering assistant and music) - Interview - (small update 2013)
  • Jason Martin
  • Mark Bedford
  • Eddie Fisher - Interview -
  • David Aubrey-Jones (converted Mercenary 1 to Spectrum and Amstrad)
  • Tony Takoushi
  • Dave Dewson (Mercenary packing lad) - Message from BBS -
    Some people were not from Novagen but helped, too:
  • Jonathon Wild (betatester at Psygnosis!) - Interview -
  • Peter Gudynas (Mercenary 1 illustration)
  • David Hardy (Damocles and Mercenary III illustration)
  • Alastair Hooper (thanked in Damocles)
  • Stewart Gilray (thanked in Damocles as 'Stuart Gill') - Interview -
  • Alex Graham (thanked in Damocles)
  • Steve Harding (thanked in Damocles)
  • John Milford (thanked in Damocles)
  • Ian Robson (thanked in Damocles)
  • Dave Roffey (thanked in Damocles)
  • Steven Sargent (thanked in Damocles as 'Steve Seargent' and pilot in Mercenary 3!) - Interview -
  • Rob Williams (thanked in Damocles)
  • Russ Lanier (thanked in Damocles)
  • Harrod's anonymous VIP (thanked in Damocles)

    See how the Novagen office looks nowadays, this was an important place in Damocles and Mercenary III.

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