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1- The Novagen team, stories and interviews
2- Other involved or credited people and interviews
3- Novagen story told by Bruce Jordan
4- The Novagen office
5- Novagen releases timeline

The NOVAGEN team.

Many people worked on Mercenary and Novagen games. It's been great to see how all of them were surprised with the site, and how they helped! You'll find many of the names listed here in the games (buildings or planets) (contact me for any mistake or if your name or story is missing !)

NameMain roleInformation

Paul Woakes Programming boss and game designRIP, Jul 15 2017
Bruce Jordan Operational boss and game designRIP, Sep 21 2007
Novagen story told by Bruce
Mo Warden Graphic designerInterview ( updated)
Tim Bosher Public relations
Martin Stallard Design assistant, helping on various thingsStory
Gary Walton Design assistant and programmerStory
Peter Pachla Programmer, credited 'programme assistant'Story
Michael Rooke Sound effectsInterview (update)
David Aubrey-Jones Ported Mercenary 1 to Spectrum and Amstrad
Simon Berry Mastering assistant and musicInterview (update)
Ian Thompson-Yates Public relations, product testing and othersInterview
Neil Toulouse Packaging and design assistantInterview
Nick Bacchus Packaging and design assistant, musicInterview (build from emails)
Eddie Fisher Damocles play tester and coordinates translationInterview
Mark Bedford Damocles play tester and coordinates translation
Jason Martin Damocles play tester
Dave Dewson Mercenary packing ladMessage from (former) BBS
Jason Paul Bowker Mercenary testerEmail message
Jack Moorby printed graphicsStory
Peter Gudynas Mercenary 1 illustration
David Hardy Encounter, Damocles and Mercenary 3 illustration
Lee Clarke Backlash illustration
Donovan Prince Hellbent programmer

Some people were not directly contracted by Novagen but contributed, got credit, or simply crossed Novagen's path:

NameRole or linkInformation
Jonathon WildDamocles for PC betatester at Psygnosis!Interview
Alastair HooperThanked in Damocles
Stewart GilrayThanked in Damocles as 'Stuart Gill'Interview
Alex GrahamThanked in Damocles
Steve HardingThanked in Damocles
John MilfordThanked in Damocles, sent ideas for Mission Disk 2Story
Ian RobsonThanked in Damocles
Dave RoffeyThanked in Damocles
Steven SargentThanked in Damocles as 'Steve Seargent' and pilot in Mercenary 3!
Contributed to Mercenary 3.
Rob WilliamsThanked in Damocles
Russ LanierThanked in DamoclesStory
Harrod's anonymous VIPThanked in DamoclesStory
Paul HughesPaul didn't work for Novagen but met Paul WoakesInterview
Carolyn JonesActress, State President Margaret in Damocles for PC
Connor ByrneActor, journalist Justin Wharburton in Damocles for PC
Gary SabinTo be confirmed! Did some Novaload loader musics on C64Possible story
UnknownTwo unknown Psygnosis graphic designers (managed by Mo Warden)
Tony TakoushiJournalist, has buildings in all three games.
Around 1988 he programmed Hyperforce (Amiga) with Paul Woakes' help.
Gary PennJournalist, has buildings in Mercenary 1 and Damocles

NOVAGEN story, by Bruce Jordan.

Bruce Jordan was Novagen's manager, and much more.
He wrote the story of the beginning of Novagen, in October 2004, mainly from Encounter to Mercenary 1, and with a few details about further programs. A fascinating read, that Bruce had sent to keep me waiting for his answers to an interview... Which he sadly never had a chance to reply to.

The NOVAGEN office.

See how the Novagen office looked (well, around 2012...). This was an important place in Damocles and Mercenary III, and a funny wink to reality!

Novagen releases timeline.

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