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1- The Hitch-Hicker's Guide to Damocles (complete solution)
2- Printable list of items and locations without any spoiler
3- Mission Disk 1
4- Mission Disk 2
5- Gamma System planets and moons description
6- Maps and other help files

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to
D A M O C L E S : M e r c e n a r y   I I

Version 2.1 corrected, and updated 1997-2020 by Simon Guyart, Adrian Hurt, Pawel Garycki, Simon Berry and Gabor Kiss.
based on the great Mark Sachs' v1.0 guide
[thanks to Adrian Hurt for info on Novagen and Mercenary III]

DAMOCLES was written by Paul Woakes and a bunch of other people too.
(C) 1990 Novagen Software and all that.

This guide is an update of Mark Sachs' original guide that can be found on Aminet, as I think nothing could have been better! It has been updated from version 1.0 to 2.1 by myself, Adrian Hurt, Pawel Garycki, Simon Berry and Gabor Kiss. If you sent me some information and your name has been forgotten, or if you see missing things or mistakes (there are probably), just mail me!

I. Introduction: A Guide to the Guide
II. First Things First: The Five Ways to Win
III. A Mercenary's Guide to the Gamma System: An Exhaustive Almanac
IV. Getting In to Where You Shouldn't Be: Keys and Locked Doors Located
V. Getting Around in the Gamma System 1: Vehicles
VI. Getting Around in the Gamma System 2: Hantzen Teleport Cubes
VII. Getting Around in the Gamma System 3:Items and Money
VIII. Rules Were Made to be Broken: For Your Amusement
IX. Build Your Own Virtual Reality: How It Was Done
X. As If One Solar System Wasn't Enough: Mission Disks and MIII
Bonus: Mercenary 1 saved games feature


Basically, this file tells you everything I've found out about Damocles in nearly a year of exhaustive playing: coordinates of every interesting building, how to solve all the puzzles, where to find the keys -- everything. So, tread lightly if you don't want to be massively spoiled. And with that, we begin with the biggest spoiler of all...
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1. Find all eight explosives and the timed detonator. Go to Damocles. Drop seven explosives and set the eighth to detonate. Depart posthaste and collect reward: $10,000,000. Note that you can bargain the State President up to $20,000,000 by turning down her first offers, and if you're lucky up to $25,000,000 but there's a risk of being asked to leave with no reward instead.
2. Ditto, but blow up Icarus instead before Damocles passes it. Without Icarus's gravitational pull, Damocles's course is altered so it misses Eris by a good margin. Collect the money from the State President and additional $25,000,000 from Lloyds' for solving the problem without destroying Damocles.
3. Using the Nova Bomb instead of explosives, repeat #1 or #2 above.
4. Use the Magic Wishing Crystal on Midas and wish that Eris (or both Eris and Damocles) would be saved. (the "Wishes Solution")
5. Using the Author's Computer (parameter #4), blow up Damocles (planet #29) or Icarus early enough (planet #01)
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ICARUS (first planet, no air)
Icarus was first explored for minerals in 1286, and found to be worthless
02/01 = HQ: Red Herring (like the Glasses, transcripts the alien script. Worth nothing special)

ACHERON (moon of Midas, no air)
Mear Burdock owns both Midas and Acheron and has built replicas of ancient structures here
There are four "hidden" pyramids there (isolated from the road network) at (01-01);(01-05);(05-01);(05-05). One of the four "hidden" pyramids, the Tomb of Seth (01-01) contains a communications console (worth $10,000). The key to the Acheron/Midas puzzle is in either sphinx. Go in the hidden side door at the sphinx's toes of both rear legs. On the front wall is a pyramid number, but you can only read it if you're carrying the reading glasses from Lucan or the Red Herring from Icarus. You can also try and convert it by reading the floor numbers in the elevator, but that's harder! Translate it into planetary coordinates:
1. Divide by 4096 and drop the fraction. Call this PX.
2. Get the remainder from step 1. Call this PY.
The pyramids are arranged in a large square, 4096 pyramids on a side. PX and PY locate the pyramid in this grid.
3. Divide PX by 4.096 and drop the fraction to get the planetary X coord.
4. Divide PY by 4.096, drop the fraction and add 250. This is the planetary Y coordinate. Now go to Midas.

MIDAS (second planet, no air): THE MIDAS PROJECT (16 million identical pyramids)
In 1922 a self-reproducing machine was tasksed to build some pyramids here. Sixteen million or so are now built!
Pyramid 68-09-20-33 located at 577,341 contains the Magic Wishing Crystal (worth $1,500,000!). You can wish for anything in the Wishful Thinking of a Mercenary book (from Eris Capital City): while holding the crystal, show the wish in the little message window, then hit * and it shall be granted. Note that a lot of stuff in here you can also do for free by fiddling with the Author's Computer.
Note that only one single wish will be granted. So if you ever want a cheese sandwich and save the Crystal for another useful purpose (like saving a planet), you can go at 76-01-86-49 (104:154) and get the cheese sandwich there - Yum yum.

Solving the Midas puzzle without the Reading Glasses or the Red Herring ?
Yes, solving it the hard way is possible, Gabor did it! There it is: on Acheron, buildings can help translating the coordinates found in the Sphinxes. The King Burdock statues (0-3; 6-3) have a hidden door at their back, leading to a 6 floors lift: there you can read each sign representing the floor number, hence translating numbers from 1 to 6, so there are 4 missing numbers (7,8,9,0) left. The Sphinxes also have a secret door at their front, but it leads to a lift with 4 floors only, so it's not really interesting.
At this point we have decoded 3 signs from the sphinx coordinates, and 3 are still missing: 6x-yz-2y-33 (x, y, z are the missing signs). If we generate all the possible variations of the 4 missing numbers with the 3 unknown signs, we get the following 24 variations:
  ##. 6x-yz-2y-33
  01. 68-90-29-33
  02. 67-90-29-33
  03. 69-80-28-33
  04. 67-80-28-33
  05. 69-70-27-33
  06. 68-70-27-33
  07. 68-09-20-33 <= glasses/herring solution
  08. 67-09-20-33
  09. 67-89-28-33
  10. 60-89-28-33
  11. 68-79-27-33
  12. 60-79-27-33
  13. 69-08-20-33
  14. 67-08-20-33
  15. 60-98-29-33
  16. 67-98-29-33
  17. 60-78-27-33
  18. 69-78-27-33
  19. 69-07-20-33
  20. 68-07-20-33
  21. 60-97-29-33
  22. 68-97-29-33
  23. 60-87-28-33
  24. 69-87-28-33

Now let's go to MIDAS and study the pyramids and the coordinates... Observations:
a.) The planet is divided into a 1000*1000 big grid where coordinates range from 000 to 999. You can fly around the planet and you will get back to the starting point (the next coordinate after 999 is 000). The X coordinate increases towards East and the Y coordinate increases towards North.
b.) The pyramid numbers on the ground display its decimal number in middle-endian representation. For instance, the pyramid digits for pyramid 12345678, will be displayed two by two (12 34 56 78) on screen, writing the 4 blocks from right to left as:
   34 12
   78 56
c.) The pyramid numbered by 00-00-00-00 is located at (000-250).
d.) The biggest pyramid number is 77-16-15-72, hence pyramid 16777215. As 4096*4096 = 16777216, we can conclude there are 16777216 pyramids, numbered from 0 to 16777215. So one north-south column contains 4096 pyramids, and a west-east line contains 4096 pyramids (actually this is coded in hexadecimal with a 3-bytes number, ranging from #000000 to #FFFFFF)

Jumping back to the 24 possible pyramid coordinates, now we know that the highest number is 16 for the "yz" couple (represents millions in the ordinal numbers) so we can eliminate all the bigger numbers. This gives us the following reduced list:
07. 68-09-20-33 <= glasses/herring solution
08. 67-09-20-33
13. 69-08-20-33
14. 67-08-20-33
19. 69-07-20-33
20. 68-07-20-33
... And there is nothing else left, just convert those numbers into Benson coordinates and go there and search for the Magic Crystal.

Now some may have noticed: 1000*1000 Benson coordinates, and 4096*4096 pyramids... That makes 4*4 pyramids at each Benson coordinates, but where are the extra 96*96 pyramids? Well, some coordinates are "bigger", and hold 8*8 or 4*8 pyramids!
In detail: there are 24 coordinate values where each of those have 8 pyramids along both axis. These coordinates with 8 pyramids are "evenly" distributed in the 1000 coordinate values in the following way: 000; 041; 083; 125; 166; 208; 250; 291 ... <= these numbers can be both X or Y coordinates. To calculate the full list, start from 000, add 41, then add 42, then add 42 again, and loop adding 41, 42, 42, 41, 42, 42, ...
Examples: (000-250) coordinate has 8*8 pyramids <= 000 and 250 being in the list of coordinates holding 8 pyramids
(020-250) has 4*8 pyramids <= only Y coordinate is from the list
(060-200) has 4*4 pyramids <= neither coords are from the list

DION (third planet)
Dion was the first planet colonised by Gaeans. A popular revolution of civil disobedience gained independence from Gaea in 1789
03/14 = Dion Verdant Party HQ. Parked outside: Targ Tourer (car, speed 1,573)
1: Teleport Cube 2
9: Door Key "E"
00/07 = Lawson Bank
00/04 = Eldmon Airport
03/03 = Door Key "I"
02/12 = GUM Department Store. 1: Rug
01/11 = Bank of Gaea branch
00/10 = Eris Post Office Temporary HQ. G: Bed, Table, Notepad (stating that Prof. Hantzen's new address is Ur City 07/01)
02/11 = Novagen Office (requires Door Key "D" for entry)
G: Rubbish Bin (filled with Damocles release dates)
1: Novagen Files (with random remarks), Table, Ansafone (noting that everyone's on holiday, and you can buy a Blue Beacon Detector at 02/01 Mentor), Novagen Safe (blast open with explosive set to 0, and then read various clues about Authors Computer and several solutions)
02/02 = GUM Department Store: Washing Machine
09/00 = GUM Department Store: Bath, Towel Rail
09/14 = Trading Post (prices *1.5): ACME Universal Suit ($25,000)
* The ACME Universal protects against heat, cold, and vacuum.
01/05 = "E" Building
14/14 = Private road, leading to the Author's House
14/13 = Author's House (requires Door Key "A")
Author's Chair, Desk, Computer
* The Chair is a spaceship in disguise, and to operate the computer you must be sitting in it (you can pick up both Chair and Computer standing in front of the window from the outside! To do this in MDDClone, be sure to unchek "correct original bugs"). You can even try boarding the chair from outside, but it's rather buggy.
The MDDClone author discovered that when flying the Chair above a planet, you can accelerate it even more, by pressing T for the turbo mode. Pressing T again switches to normal flying speed. This doesn't seem to work in space.
Computer settings: 0 - changes the colors of the Universe. 1 - changes the colors of your control panel. 2 - changes the amount of perspective. 3 - changes the speed at which time passes. 4 - allows you to delete any planet from the system.
Destroy the computer and the entire solar system comes apart.
~807/586 = DION NORTH
00/05 = Windmill: 1 Box Explosives
01/04 = Trading Post (prices *0.3): Hammer
04/01 = Empty Trading Post (prices *0.3)
06/00 = Annie's Bar: Chair/Table. Annie's Bar 2nd room is actually an elevator, go to the basement and you'll find a bed.
~810/566 = DION EAST
06/00 = Annie's Bar: Chair/Table, Door Key "D". Annie's Bar 2nd room is actually an elevator, go to the basement and you'll find a bed.
04/01, 01/04 = Empty Trading Posts (prices *0.3)
00/03 = Greenhouse: Greenhouse Effect (worth $80,000)

CLOTHO (moon of Dion, no air)
Clotho New Town was built in 1810. Probably been absolutely boring ever since
~596/322 = CLOTHO NEW TOWN
01/00 = Lloyds Group 4 Investments. 2: Table, Chair, Lottery Ticket (look at the ticket number: 12939, the reversed "pepsi" from Mercenary 1!)
* If you go to the 4th floor, you will see the oustide "4" is changed into an arrow pointing to the secret storage!
04/00 = Secret Storage. B: Bathroom Scale
01/01 = Nuclear Power Plant: Fireplace, Chair, Table
02/01 = Active Marketing
G: Bench, Table
2: Fridge
3: Bed
4: Settee, Coffee Table, Table Lamp, Sunglasses
06/05 = Storage: Corn Flakes

ATROPOS (moon of Dion, no air)
This was leased from the Dionisians in 1896 by LLoyds Group 4 Investments - it's a way station
~009/304 = CITY
02/02 = Spaceport
01/02 = Bank of Gaea Branch
01/01 = GUM Department Store. 1: Shopping Bag
02/01 = Radar Station
00/01 = Open area: Black Beacon

LACHESIS (moon of Dion, no air)
This moon was annexed 1375 by the Gaean Overlord Hisler - sold in 1879 for pulvin extraction. The workings are now abandoned.
~612/506 = Abandoned Pulvin Mines, tractors

GAEA (fourth planet)
The Gaean civilisation has a written history covering eighty millenia- the last one of these has been free of terrestrial conflict
~125/687 = UR CITY
07/01 = Prof. Hantzen's House (req. Door Key B) Parked outside: '99 Chevy (speed 7,197)
Inside: Teleport Cube 0, Sideboard (really NOVA TRIGGER 1), Table, Bed, Fax (mentioning storage location of expensive piano, and that the power of the Nova Bomb equals 8 maxset explosives)
09/02 = Storage Center. B: Piano (worth $18,000), NOVA BOMB
09/03 = Trading Post (prices *1.2): Stove
05/02 = Industrial Co-Op HSE2
B: 1 Box Explosive
G: Table/Chair
00/01 = Spaceport "E"
03/00 = Empty Storage Center
01/03 = GUM Department Store: Shower
01/02 = Industrial Co-Op HSE1
B: 1 Box Explosive
G: Chair/Desk
07/14 = Spaceport
04/13 = Building. 2: Door Key A
06/06 = Bank of Gaea HQ
G: Desk, Settee, Chair, Receipt (describing how the package from Prof. Hantzen was sold locally)
B: Gold (worth $50,000)
04/01 = Marillion Apartments
G: Sink, Wall Clock (hinting towards Icarus solution), Wardrobe
1: Cooker
03/00 = Empty Storage
06/08 = Real Estate Offices (lose money to buy house 02/05 Eris Capital)
05/06 = Mega Trading Post (prices *1): Hi-Fi (really NOVA TRIGGER 3)
08/08 = Trade Commission: Teleport cube 6, key to '22 CV (parked outside, speed 786)
Many other empty Trading Posts, prices *0.9
~751/314 = VULCAN ISLAND
08/08 = Volcano, Blue Beacon, 1 Box Explosives

CRONUS (moon of Gaea, no air)
There's a museum here at the landing site of the first Gaean personned space flight
~626/463 = Mercenary I Museum.
05/05: Museum Guide, Black Beacon
05/03: Sprintcar
03/01: Dart
01/01: Mechanoid
01/03: Casper Hanley Eagle 8 SE - 'Cheese'
03/05: Hexapod

CYCLOPES (moon of Gaea, no air)
The IDI Holiday Centre here opened in 1190. It was built by Richmal Pickle. He's the one with the spaceline - Zodiac Six
02/02 = IDI Palace of Fun: Amplifier (lottery being held)
* The ticket is in the Lloyds Group 4 building on Clotho. You might win $0, $1,000 or $1,000,000 with it.

ERIS (5th Planet)
~016/283 = CAPITAL CITY
07/08 = Spaceport [ YOU START HERE ]: VIP Limo Key, VIP Limo (speed 1,597), Interstellar Ship (Not refitted for further flight)
09/09 = Moorby School of Flying: Electric Fire (prevents you from cold environments, but if you drop it while it's cold and pick it up again, you die anyway ), Eagle-9SE Spaceship
09/08 = State President's Office
B: Eagle-9SE Key (you need to accept the President's offer or the door will be locked - unlock it with Door Key I)
G: Damocles File (describing Damocles), Coffee Table
1: Air Conditioner (surprisingly, does not prevent from heat - probably here as a wink to Paul Woakes' air conditioner at his real home)
2: Bench, Settee
11/08 = "E" Building. B: Teleport Cube 5
01/01 = Exchequer District A (lose all cash to pay back taxes)
01/14 = Playtester Stores. B: Sights
04/04 = Statue
* When walking close and hitting the statue, you can sometimes hear or see a door-like entrance but nothing happens. This is due to a game bug in the door building data. It is likely that the door should have allowed you to go in to the base of the statue.
04/10, 14/03, 13/03, 12/03 = Empty Trading Posts
04/11 = GUM Department Store: King-Size Spanner
09/02 = Playtester Stores (Red Beacon) B: Antigrav (worth $100,000)
* Antigrav allows you to pick up heavy items such as vehicles and teleport cubes.
15/03 = Trading Post (prices *1): Pressure Suit (permitting excursions in vacuum)
08/14 = Trading Post (prices *1): Key to Bestcupand (parked outside, speed 149,679)
12/04 = Open Area: Sunshade (Pawel discovered that it can be used as an alternative to the heat resist suit !)
14/05 = Eris Power Generation: Heat Resist Suit
13/15 = Trading Post (prices *1): _The Wishful Thinking of a Mercenary_ book (worth $16000)
* The Book is part of the "wishes" solution, use it with the Magic Crystal.
02/01 = Post Office: Table
01/04 = Another "E"
15/12 = Lawson Bank HQ.
B: Vault (open with Key C) - 25 million ECUs
1: Managers Chair, Managers Desk
2: Door Key F
* note that the ECUs aren't actually worth 25,000,000 credits... This is a joke against the ECU (the old name for the Euro currency: European Currency Unit)
12/14 = Eris Post Office HQ -- A to Z computer
* Carry the computer and activate it. It shows your location, and names the building if you're near someplace special. Note that the phone message in the NIC on Mentor does NOT have the correct location! Argh!
02/01 = Airport: Table
~375/438 = VELOS
03/07 = Trading Post (prices *1.2): TV Controller, use it on TV to watch
04/06 = Empty Trading Post (prices *1.2)
04/05 = EKMPV S Ad Agency. 1: Coffee Table, Settee, Standard Lamp
04/01 = Eris TV Studios
1: Settee, Desk, Chair
2: Table, Video Player
9: TV (use TV Controller to watch), Chair, Table
~750/375 = BARE ISLAND
05/05 = "E" Building
06/06 = GUM Department Store. 1: Thermal Undies (prevents you from cold environments. TO BE TRIPLE CHECKED: Atari ST version seems to crash when using it on cold planets. Amiga version works better, but if you drop it while it's cold and pick it up again, you die anyway.)
Note: Location 06-01, Bare Island, Eris claims to be a GUM Store Drapery, but is in fact empty - the real drapery is at 06-06. This is corrected in Mercenary 3, if you go to 06-01 it says "Data Corrected".
06/05 = Professor Hantzen's Labs
B: Door Key B
3: 3 Boxes of Explosives
4: Top Secret File (describing the Nova Bomb), Table, Memo Pad (describing how the four triggers have been lost by the Post Office Sorting Branch, Snow Island), Processor's Desk and Chair
02/04 = Hantzen Airport
07/04 = Hantzen Admin. 9: Table, Chair, Geiger Counter
* The Geiger Counter clicks when you get near the Novabomb, and clicks faster and faster as you get closer to it.
06/02 = Hantzen Sales
B: Timed Detonator (sets off explosives)
G: Teleport Cube 1
1: '99 Chevy Key
~007/507 = SNOW ISLAND
07/04 = Scott Airport
03/04 = Trading post (prices *1.2): Fridge
06/04 = Hathaway's Wine Bar:
G: Table, Chair, Bottle
B: Wine Keg, Explosive
03/00 = Post Office Sorting Branch: Table, Clipboard (describing where the four triggers may have gotten to), Storage Boxes, Cupboard (in reality NOVA TRIGGER 2)
~626/126 = KEY WEST
02/01 = Spaceport
01/04 = "E" building
07/10, 08/08, 04/00 = Empty Trading Posts (prices = *1)
09/08 = Lawson-8 Bank: Antique Clock (worth $799.90)
07/07 = Newton Ltd. Research. B: Anti-Grav (worth $100,000)
00/07 = Spaceport: Dart II (no key required)

METIS (moon of Eris, no air)
This is the place for litigation - home of The Nixon Interstellar Court of Justice
00/06 = Dooberrys Solicitors (lose all cash to lawsuit on 8th floor, the Palyar Commanders' Brother-In-Law attacked you and won!)
9: Processor's Desk & Chair, Filofax (describing various trivial stuff), Teleport Cube #3
02/00 = Spaceport with Black Beacon
01/03 = Lawson bank: Door Key "C"
02/06 = Jail (do not enter -- you get locked up 'till Mercenary III is released...)
05/06 = Nixon Interstellar Court of Justice (NIC)
Inside: Table, Wall Phone (mentioning that the A-Z Computer at Eris Post Office at 14/11 could be most useful. Actually it's 12/14!). Through secret door at back: Washbasin which is actually NOVA TRIGGER #4

VESTA (moon of Eris)
Vesta is home of The Gamma System Parliament established in 1810 by the treaty of Bethesda
04/06 = Government Hall (requires Door Key E for entry/exit)
B: Teleport Cube 4
G: Bench
1: Key to Targ Tourer, Processor's Desk and Chair
2: Scroll (describing trivial proposed new legislation), Table
3: Briefcase (increasing number of things you can carry) (worth $97500)
05/03, 06/03 = Empty Trading Posts (prices *1.5)
06/04 = Lawson Bank
05/04 = Lloyd's Group 4 Building. From 4th floor the four becomes an arrow, pointing to:
04/04 = Traffic Circle with Red Beacon Locator
00/04 = Glenn Spaceport
03/07 = GUM Department Store. (be 2nd customer, win $10,000)
2: Table, Cash Register (worth $1,555)
03/01 = Bank of Gaea Branch

LUCAN (moon of Eris, no air)
Lucan was settled in the 20th century by Lord, a flight technology expert - long gone now
~024/208 = ONE OF A RING OF 12 ISLANDS
00/07 = Red Beacon, Reading Glasses
* The huge glyphs on the islands are actually the 12 signs of the zodiac. The beacon is located in the "eye" of Leo. The glasses are required to solve the Midas puzzle by translating the inscriptions.

SOLON (moon of Eris, no air)
The Penn School of Literature was established here in 1985 - but they don't encourage visitors
01/01 = Penn College. Blue Beacon, Mazelike Underground Complex
Nesbitt Library: Table, Stool, Bookcase; Gold (worth $50,000)

THEON (moon of Eris, no air)
The interstellar communications link here is buzzing with network transmissions on the comet
02/03 = Burdock Media Link (radar): 1 Box Explosives
01/02 = Landing Strip, Blue Beacon
03/01 = Eris TV Media Link (radar): Communications Console (worth $10,000), Chair
03/02 = Sky-Disney Media Link
Assorted communications towers outside the central complex

LOGOS (sixth planet, too cold at night)
Logos is a self-contained yuppie colony
~316/896 = CITY
04/02 = D.H.S.S. House
3: Photocopier (mentions teleport cubes can be flown through)
4: Teleport Cube 7
06/03 = Charlene's Disco: Ghetto Blaster (providing loud, irritating music) - Note: this music is actually the Backlash game music, created by Simon Berry, who will be pleased to read this opinion about his work! ;-)
06/00 = Spaceport (Black Beacon)
06/02 = empty Trading Post (prices *1.5)
07/00 = Frank's Bargain TP (prices *2)
08/00 = Frank's Bargain TP (prices *1.8)
08/03 = Frank's Bargain TP (prices *2)
07/03 = Frank's Bargain TP (prices *1.8)
02/05 = Bank Of Gaea building

AURORA (moon of Logos, no air)
The moon was explored in 1410 but never settled

TRITON (seventh planet, pressure too high)
Triton is a gas planet unsuitable for habitation

PAN (moon of Triton, no air )
The Hades labour camp here is a penal colony for moral deviates sentenced to the pulvin mines
04/00 = Spaceport, Red Beacon
04/01 = Pan Hades Admin Dept. 1: Key to Bullet spaceship (worth $45,000)
Numerous jails and (immobile) tractors

THALIA (moon of Triton, no air)
Thalia military base was recently established to protect pulvin sources from Mycrecian pirates
~487/042 = MILITARY BASE
06/03 = Spaceport: Red Beacon, Bullet spaceship (speed 1,795,959)

JUNO (eighth planet, pressure too high)
Juno is a gas giant unsuitable for habitation

PERSEUS (moon of Juno, no air)
There are methane seas on this inhospitable moon. Only Alkane Island Research Centre is here
~940/456 = ALKANE BASE
04/01 = Emergency Facility. B: Bed, Life-Support
04/06 = Emergency Facility. B: Bed, Life-Support
05/02 = Research Lab: Battery, Davy Jones' Locker

TOLOSA (moon of Juno, no air)
Tolosa houses the Erisean currency reserves. Heavily defended against unauthorised visitors!
* It's not real difficult to destroy the drone ship: go to a low altitude and keep moving at low speed so you won't be hit. Keep turning around and fire whenever you see something moving. A direct hit is NOT required...
01/00 = outside: Blue Beacon
02/01 = Currency Repository (requiring Door Key "H" to enter): 4 pieces of Gold (50,000 each)

BACCHUS (moon of Juno, too cold)
This way station enjoys a wide reputation for hospitality - there are regular flights to Pan
01/08 = outside: Black Beacon
02/08 = Spaceport: Concorde III plane (Velocity 600,000, Height 70,000), Transporter Cube 8
01/03 = Uncles Casino: Coffee Table, Phone Message (asking why you're in the fleshpots of Bacchus when there's work to be done) Bet all your money, double or nothing
01/02 = GUM Department Store: Fishtank
00/03 = Boshers Bar
00/01 = Gabriel's Place
02/01 = Mother Mercury's

JASON (moon of Juno, no air)
At present void but a long term lease is taken by the Whittam-Smith Intergalactic Corporation

MENTOR (ninth planet, no air)
The last fill-up before deep space - Tor City - duty free Trading Posts abound
~689/316 = SETTLEMENT
09/07 = Spaceport: Teleport Cube #9, Concorde III Key (worth $22,000)
01/01 = outside: Black Beacon
02/01 = Trading Post (prices *0.5): Blue Beacon Locator (costs $100,000)
06/05 = Trading Post (prices *0.5): Antique Sextant
04/03 = Trading Post (prices *0.5): CB Rig
04/04 = Trading Post (prices *0.3): Pressure Suit
05/04 = Trading Post (prices *0.3): Welsh Dresser
05/03 = Trading Post (prices *12.4!). This one is important: it gives the highest price in the system for goods sold or bought. Take your most valuable disposable item there and sell it.
Numerous other trading posts at prices *0.5 or 0.7

SAPPHIRE (moon of Mentor? No air)
Has inspired many popular songs, but is void

Planets that may remain unmentioned in this travelogue are almost certainly void. But if they aren't, be nice and let me know...
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A: found in building, 04/13, 2nd floor, Chaldea Metropolis on Gaea; unlocks Author's House, 14/13 Birmingham Island, Dion.
B: found Hantzen Labs, 06/05 Bare Island, Eris; unlocks Hantzen's House, 07/01 Ur City, Gaea
C: found in Lawson Bank, 01/03 Metis; unlocks vault in basement, Lawson Bank HQ, 15/12 Capital City, Eris
D: found in bar, 06/00 Dion East, Dion; unlocks Novagen Offices, 02/11 Birmingham Island, Dion
E: found in Dion Verdant Party HQ, 03/14 Birmingham Island, Dion; unlocks Government Hall, 04/06 Vesta
F: found in a Lawson Bank, 15/12 2nd floor, Capital City, Eris -- unlocks ?
G: found at 68-03-00-27 (218:346) on Midas, apparently no corresponding door in the game
H: found at 70-03-77-31 (220:345) on Midas, unlocks Eris Currency Repository 02/01 Tolosa
I: found in a house, 03/03 Birmingham Island, Dion. Unlocks the basement door in the State President's Office (if not already open by having accepted the mission).
J: is on Midas at 75-03-32-23 (223:346), apparently no corresponding door in the game. Rumour has it that J does not in fact unlock a door, but instead stops the object stacking check. There are rules on which object can be stacked on what, however these rules are bypassed when you have the J key.

Note that you can get through locked doors another way: set an explosive to 3, drop it next to the door, and back off. The explosive will blast the lock off the door.
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VIP Limo (car): Capital City Spaceport, 07/08 Capital City, Eris; key inside building
Eagle-9SE (spaceship): Moorby School of Flying, 09/09 Capital City, Eris; key in basement of State President's Office at 09/08
Bestcupand (spaceship): Trading post, 08/14 Capital City, Eris; key inside trading post
'99 Chevy (car): Hantzen's House, 07/01 Ur City, Gaea; key inside 06/02 office, Bare Island, Eris
Targ Tourer (car): Dion Verdant Party HQ, 03/14 Birmingham Island, Dion; key on 1st floor, Government Hall, 04/06 Vesta
Free Ship (Dart II, spaceship): Spaceport, 00/07 Key West, Eris
Concorde III (plane): Spaceport 02/08 Bacchus; key inside spaceport, 09/07 Mentor
'22 CV (car): Office, 08/08 Chaldea Metropolis, Gaea; key inside building
Bullet (military spaceship): Spaceport 06/03 Thalia; key in offices, 04/01 Pan

Only Dart II, Eagle 9SE, Bestcupand, the interstellar ship, Bullet and Author's Chair are space rated. Other flying vehicles will trigger "ship not equipped for space travel" (when using ESC key).
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0: Hantzen's House, 07/01 Ur City, Gaea
1: G, 06/02 Bare Island, Eris
2: 1, Dion Verdant Party HQ, 03/14 Birmingham Island, Dion
3: 9, Office Building, 00/06 Metis
4: B, Government Hall, 04/06 Vesta
5: B, 11/08 Capital City, Eris
6: Offices 08/08 Chaldea Metropolis, Gaea
7: 4, D.H.S.S. House, 04/02 Logos
8: Outside 02/08 Bacchus
9: Outside 09/07 Mentor
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Hint: if you use a Mercenary endgame file, you get back all your money *and* all your equipment. Not all of the equipment is any use, but you can start the game with a free antigrav and aircraft. Check below "Mercenary 1 saved games feature" to see how valuable your equipment is.

You don't need much money to save Eris. Even if you follow the basic solution involving the Novabomb, you only need money to pick up the Hi-Fi trigger. If you do the job with explosives instead, you don't even need that.
But since you're a mercenary, you're supposed to be making as much money as possible. Here's what to sell, their value at Eris Capital and where to sell them for best results (You can sell other stuff as well, but this is the most valuable stuff and by the time you've finished, all the good trading posts have been used up.)

Novabomb          3,200,000 (39,680,000 at Mentor 05-03)
Magic Crystal     1,500,000 (3,000,000 at 07-00 Logos)
Authors computer    500,000 (1,000,000 at 08-03 Logos)
Cupboard            250,000 (450,000 at 08-00 Logos)
Sideboard           250,000 (450,000 at 07-03 Logos)
Washbasin           250,000 (375,000 at 06-02 Logos)
Total for above              44,955,000
Antigrav            100,000 (150,000 at 09-14 Dion Birmingham Island)
G'house Effect       80,000 (120,000 at 05-03 Vesta)
Gold                 50,000 (75,000 at 06-03 Vesta)
                    (60,000 at 03-07 & 04-06 Velos City, 03-04 Snow Island, 09-03 Ur City)

You can also go to the IDI Palace Of Fun, 02-02 Cyclopes, with the Lottery Ticket (found at Lloyds Group 4 building on Clotho). Save the game before you enter, and load again until you win the million credits.
When you've done all this, go to Uncle's Casino, 01-03, Bacchus, and save the game. Then go in and accept the double or quits game (if you lose, reload the game and try again until you win). This should make a nice amount of money if you previously finished the game with the 50 millions from the President and Lloyds Group 4.
Then swear a bit because you can't take your saved game into Mercenary 3. :-)
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- Once you've figured out how to destroy a planet, try the technique on various planets. Especially Gaea, Dion, and Eris.
- Blast the lock off the door of the Author's House and steal his computer and his chair. They both have actual uses, and do quite interesting things.
- Blow up the Author's Computer with an explosive. Then get well clear... That is, well clear of EVERYTHING.
- Each planet and/or moon has some information and history associated with it. Benson (your computer) doesn't always present it upon your visit to said world. Keep trying until you do get it.
- Try to land on the sun (Dialis).
- Crash your spaceship in the ocean.
- Land on the roof of a building, get out, then stroll over the edge...
- Get yourself locked into the jail on Metis.
- There are lots of nice vantage points to watch Eris's destruction from. Vesta is quite decent. The best place, of course, is on Eris itself. If you're on the right part of the planet, you'll get to see the comet plunging through the atmosphere directly towards you.
- Watch the control towers at spaceports; they change color to warn you when your ship gets near.
- Lots of the stuff in Damocles is quite closely related to British politics, although the passage of time since its release has obsoleted some of the jokes. For example, the Lawson Banks are named after Nigel Lawson, the chancellor of the Exchequer at the time Damocles was being written (although by the time it actually came out, he wasn't any more...) You can find the Prime Minister's proposal for the poll tax in the basement of the Hall of Government on Vesta; she predicts it will be well-received...
- The Novagen offices are full of inside jokes and hints on the game. You will find the keys in a pub on Dion East.
- Noticed the road signs near the Novagen building on Dion? Novagen's real offices were on 142 Alcester Road, Birmingham, England, and the one in the game bears an intentional physical resemblance to the real one, though the actual office is not an isolated building. The same goes for the Author's House.
- As described in the Data Disk 2, you can teleport into your own inventory. To do this, pick up a telleport cube (requires the antigrav), then go inside another teleport cube (white screen). Stay inside, then press the number of the transporter that is in your inventory (not using keypad). But Simone Gremmo tells us more about it ! When you are inside your inventory, try to blow yourself up with explosives set to 9, and the timed detonator. Once dead, quit (HELP/F1O), and try to teleport again inside your inventory. You'll be stuck inside a small building, with white space outside. This white space is actually the VOID planet, a technical and hidden one that has a white ground and white sky (notice you only see stars in the sky). You can try and go outside to walk, but carry the ACME Universal as there will be no air. Seems like there's no building in Mercenary III, only the white planet. You won't be able to drop objects there so don't expect exploring space from here.
Graham Crump explains you can use the transporter inventory trick for both the briefcase and main inventory even when you're no longer carrying the briefcase! Have the briefcase selected in inventory, then picked up a transporter. Then put down the briefcase and collect another transporter, and walk into a 3rd transporter. You can select the transporter number to go to the briefcase or to go to inventory. This is also explained in Mission Disk 2 (4th mission).
- Another thing thanks to Simone: try setting to 9 an explosive and making it explode far away from your location (the ideal is to drop it somewhere and then going somewhere else using a transporter cube). If you move towards a wall of the room you're in and you continue pushing the joystick in that direction even if the wall blocks you, when the explosive blows up you will be able to pass through the wall of the building you're in and walk in the air if you were on a high floor! Things go back to normal if you go back and use the elevator of the building (going back there while "flying" will bring you back on the ground to get inside). This also works in Mercenary III.
- Juri Fossaroli tried using the author computer to destroy the sun Dialis (parameter #4 planet #0) before Damocles turns around it. This should save Damocles and Eris. But it's not implmented, even with Dialis destroyed its gravity still influences Damocles that turns around the void! (and there's still light on the planets surface).
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This bit is basically my guesses on the broad outlines of Damocles's programming. It doesn't contain any spoilers, but read it if you think you might find it amusing (or you know better and want to chuckle at how far off I am...) The really clever thing about Damocles is the way it does more with less. The basic idea is to keep as much stuff off-stage as possible, so that only the smallest amount of actual 3-d drawing is done -- but, on the other hand, through clever tricks the player is convinced that exactly the opposite is true. For example, you get the impression of large, crowded metropolises and populated suburbs, but in fact, the cities are carefully designed so that you never see more than one building or house at once! Of course, you can see the entire street grid from high altitude, but lines are cheap to draw, and this gives the impression of a large city for very little expense. Between buildings in the cities, the roads are lined with easy-to-draw streetlights, trees, and road signs to make them look less sparse. As well, the area of land in Damocles that is populated, or even detailed, is extremely small compared to the empty areas, but you are carefully led from one city to the next to belie this impression. Other goodies such as the tiny islands and huge oceans on major worlds and the descriptions of settlements as "small bases" on the moons help "misdirect" the player as well. And, of course, once you've actually landed in a settlement, the scale turns out to be quite big -- try walking from one building to its neighbor to see what I mean -- and the settlements "feel" satisfactorily large. Once a way of keeping time-consuming drawing to a minimum is found, the rest of the game is (relatively) easy to work out: settlements are located on a world's major (1000x1000) grid, and one building and/or road tile is tied to each minor grid point in each settlement. Thus, large maps can be stored with relatively little expense, especially if object definitions of buildings are re-used as extensively as they are. The hidden-surface routine I am almost certain was used is the (in)famous Painter's Algorithm. This relies on the fact that when you draw a filled polygon (or an entire object), it covers up whatever was behind. Thus, all you have to do is order the polygons or objects to be drawn according to how far they are from the observer, and then put them on the screen in that order. Glitches are possible with the Painter's Algorithm (try parking a spaceship between the wings of an L-shaped building, then seeing it "through" the building) but on the whole this is a speedy and generally accurate algorithm.
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Two "Mission Disks" for Damocles have apparently been released, each with five "missions" (saved games set up such that you have an additional task to perform as well as stopping the comet.) Disk 2 includes, as one of its saves, a guide to executing the "wishes solution," and also a series of "silly saves" which the producers found amusing. And, despite the sincere lack of optimism about Mercenary III that abounded all through Damocles, MIII is in fact in the final stages of production. It is a straight sequel, still set in the Gamma System, called _Mercenary III: The Dion Crisis_. The major difference: you are no longer alone -- there are other people in the game! They "talk" to you using the one-line display previously used only by Benson. The control panel and general graphic style seem no different, but rumor has it that the A-to-Z Computer might be permanently installed in it. (yay!) The plot concerns the tranquil planet of Dion in the Gamma system, formerly a verdant green paradise, now being destroyed by polluting heavy industries. Presumably you have to do something about this. When is it coming out? "Mid-1992"...
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BONUS: Mercenary 1 saved games feature

If you use a Mercenary saved game of a winning situation, you get back all your money *and* all your equipment. Not all of the equipment is any use, but you can start the game with a free antigrav and aircraft. To achieve this, once disembarked and before picking up any item, press F3 to load an Escape From Targ winning endgame, or F4 for The Second City. Sadly Atari ST and Amiga saved games can't be loaded on the other machine.
It seems that, even if you load a Mercenary 1 game in which you didn't bother the Playar Commanders' Brother-In-Law, you'll be sued by him in Damocles. There's a "Player Annoyed PC BIL" flag which triggers the "PC BIL is pleased to see you go" message at the end of Mercenary; although this flag is saved, it is not used in Damocles.
The manual states that, by loading a winning gamesave from Mercenary, "the author will know a thing or two about you". It seems actually limited to credits and inventory. The MDDClone author detailed what happened: Damocles checks in the gamesave if the player is flying the interstellar ship (which is considered as a winning situation), transfers the inventory, then the credits, updates Damocles inventory, and that's it.

Hereís the list of Mercenary 1 items and what they're worth in Damocles, thanks to Pawel:

Bite The Bullet (itís your shot: in Escape from Targ you need to pick it up with Kitchen Sink) 500,000
Prestinium 9.90
Key (triangular) 1,000
Gold 50,000
Photon Emiter 33
Novadrive 25
Concord III (speed 448,989 altitude 65,000) 0
Dart (speed 200,000 altitude 15,000) 0
Chair 88.50
Cobweb (in Escape From Targ pick it up with Kitchen Sink) 50,000
Standard Lamp 74
Mobile Pyramid 50,000 (see outskirts of the City: you need Kitchen Sink or Bite The Bullet to pick it up)
Antigrav 100,000 : still in use!
Transmitter Mast 50,000 (see outskirts of the City: you need Kitchen Sink or Bite The Bullet to pick it up)
Poweramp 75 : no use
Essential 129.40
Settee 779
Antenae 3
Winchester 10,000
Coffin 100
Mechanoid 100
Commucat Console 10,000 (you need Kitchen Sink or Bite The Bullet to pick it up)
Key (trapesoid) 2,000
Databank 0.20
Neutron Fuel 100
Sights 690 : still in use
Key (Targ Orbital) 7,000
Cupand Saucer (speed 40,000 altitude 8,000) 0
Handgun (Useful Armanent) 0.50 
Large Box 126
Key (hexagonal) 6,000
Key (strange) 5,000
Fireplace 145
C-H Eagle 8 S E (speed 598,716 altitude 65,000) 0
Anti-Time Bomb 50 : no use
Kitchen Sink 256 
Cooker 449
Music Stand 55.50
Key (pentagonal) 3,000
Pass 2 
Sprintcar (speed 7,197) 0
2* Pipenet Elevator 50,000 (see outskirts of the City: you need Kitchen Sink or Bitethe Bullet to pick it up)
(Catering) Provisions 42
Metal Detector 15
Key (other pentagonal) 4,000
Energy Crystal 5,000
Targ Tourer (speed 1,573 (Hovercar)) 0
Bed 300
Medical Supplies 15
Danger Notice 0.70
Economy Forecast 0.20
Note: there's another item, "It's Not Possible", it seems like it might be the Colony Craft !
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Printable list of all items and locations without any spoiler.

See it here (text format).
This list was compiled by Adrian Hurt and is designed to help players that don't want any other information than coordinates of places and items. So actually, it's a shortened version of the previous guide.

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Damocles Mission Disk 1.

The Damocles Mission Disks are actually hacked saved games that you have to load in Damocles. Here are details and solutions of the new missions, directly taken from the Mission Disk 1. If you need more information, see the help files section.

 ------------------------- MISSION 1: SABOTAGE --------------------------

 A frantic dash to  recover your Damocles game from  an evil influence in
                           under ten minutes!                             

                This short mission will take less than ten 
                minutes of  your time. Once you  know how!         

 Professor Hantzen got extra mad when he learned that you were on the way
 to save Eris.  So, just before you arrive, he's accepted the President's 
 offer (after  negotiating a  very worthwhile  reward),  and got the ship 
 intended for you. 
 Along with one or  two other useful  items, this has now  been blown up.
 But not before he set a lump of explosive to destroy the Novabomb on top 
 of the spaceport tower.
 His intention was to sabotage your game. You have a little less than ten
 minutes to beat him at his own game!


 Starting  with the  V.I.P.  Limo,  and no  transporter to  take you from 
 Capital City, you've got to get  a craft that can fly you up to retrieve
 and disarm the explosive before it blows.


 There's a  ship for sale for 9000CR  at the trading post at 08:14.  Pity 
 you spent 5000CR on Bacchus before arriving. You could sell the car, but 
 there's not enough time to walk about. 
 The only way is some frantic motoring around to trade with what you find
 until you can afford the Best Cupand.


 Drive to  the State Office.  Collect the Air Conditioner  and Settee and
 sell  these at the  Trading Posts at  12:03 and 13:03.  Drive on to  the 
 Power Station at 14:05, to collect the Heat Resistant Suit and sell this
 on the way  back at 14:03.  Drive on up to the Post  Office at 12:14 and 
 collect the  A-Z Computer, then  sell this at 14:15.  Now you can afford 
 the ship. 
 It's tight on time. Nigel Mansell could do it. Can you?

 ------------------------- MISSION 2: BAD LUCK --------------------------

 By your own doing, you arrive on Eris even later.  That's if you can get 
                              there at all.

               A new starting place for your Damocles game 
               provides a real time  challenge to succeed.

 Finding the facilities on Bacchus irresistable, you've called in on your
 way to Eris.  While the State  President anxiously  awaits your arrival, 
 you've just  lost all your money,  and your spacecraft,  in a "double or 
 quits"  gamble at  Uncle's Casino.  But all is not lost.  The benevolent 
 casino  manager has loaned you his car on the understanding that you are
 not about to  use the "quit" option.  It is somewhat  unfortunate that a 
 previous visitor from Pan has  scrambled most of the regular transporter


 Check out the  modified transporter  arrangements and get yourself a new 
 spacecraft.  Then fly on to Eris and  accept the President's assignment,
 which you need to complete in the time remaining. 


 You'll certainly  want a flight craft as soon as possible,  even if this
 is not fitted  for space travel.  There's an extra-fast  spacecraft, the
 Bullet, parked at the military base on Thalia. Remember, you'll be going
 into areas where Red Beacons are the indicators.


 Drive to  Transporter 8 and  collect the Red  Beacon Indicator  from the 
 airport building.  Go through to  Transporter 9 and  collect the Concord 
 key from Mentor Airport.  Return and then fly Concorde to Transporter 7,
 picking up the  Red Beacon as a marker, and fly to  the Pan Hades Labour 
 Camp admin  office to collect the  Bullet key from the first floor.  Fly 
 back to  Transporter 6 and  through to Transporter  5 on Thalia  to then 
 collect the Bullet. Off you go to Eris for the new challenge!

 ----------------------- MISSION 3: GO FOR GOLD -------------------------

 You arrive on Eris,  only to find that  another mercenary  has got there 

         The main commodity is gold in this trading extravaganza.
         Once you've got 4,840,000 CR  you can readily save Eris,
         but then with only the Lloyds reward to go for......

 A selfish mercenary has arrived ahead of you.  Rejecting the President's
 offer, this oppurtunist has plundered  three of the Novatriggers and the 
 Novabomb, and sold these at Eris trading posts. 
 Having arrived  late,  you feel  obliged to pick up  the pieces and save
 Eris knowing that Lloyds will  at least reward you for saving the comet. 
 In preparation for  this task  you've spent your  last 9000CR to buy the 
 Best Cupand  and flown  over to  Key  Island to  swap this for  the more 
 versatile  Dart  II.  You've collected  some useful  and  some  valuable 
 objects and done a little trading. 

 Locate the  three Novatriggers  and the Novabomb  to determine  how much 
 more you need to earn to buy this back. Together with what you hold, six
 bars of gold will suffice. 


 The Lawson  Bank Repository  on Tolosa  holds four  bars of  gold,  with 
 others to be found on Chaldea City and at Solon. 
 Provided you can sell all valuables  at the most advantageous prices and
 then be lucky at  Uncle's Casino you will generate  sufficient funds for 
 the mission.  You'll find  the trading  post at  Mentor 05:03  more than 
 generous, and a firm commodity  market in trading posts on Logos, Vesta,
 and surprisingly, on Eris.

 Use Geiger  Counter to  locate Novabomb.  The three triggers are in Eris
 Capital trading posts  around 13:04.  Fly via the Transporter to Bacchus
 then over to Tolosa. Blow repository door and collect 4 Gold.  Return to
 Bacchus,  take Dart then walk through to Transporter 6 at Chaldea.  Take
 this transporter outside. Collect Gold from 06:06. Transport to Eris and
 fly to Penn  School on Solon for the final Gold.  Transport to 7, Logos.
 Sell the  Greenhouse  Effect at 08:03,  Briefcase at  07:00  and Gold at 
 08:00,  07:03  and 06:02.  Back on Eris sell  Gold at  15:15 and  Beacon
 Indicator  at 14:15.  Fly to  Vesta and  sell Gold  at 05:03  and 06:03. 
 Transport to Mentor to sell Anti-Grav at 05:03. Transport to Bacchus and
 at Uncle's Casino, gamesave, then double your money. On Eris, at trading
 posts with triggers, turn each "on".  Buy Novabomb. Transport to Chaldea
 to buy the fourth trigger, then blow Icarus before 1 hr:40 mins.

 ------------------------ MISSION 4: NIGHTMARE --------------------------

 Just when you thought you had succeeded, magnificently, you receive some
                                bad news.

                  You're into explosive action with this 
                  alternative to  the Novabomb solution.

 Congratulations.  You've used the  Novabomb to save  Eris and the Comet. 
 You've gained  the reward for both,  done a little trading  and now have 
 mega-millions in credits.  You owe yourself a holiday,  and where better
 than at the  Cyclopes IDI Camp?  And then  the news comes  through.  The
 Group 4 scientists have miscalculated.  The precise moment that you took
 out Icarus  is not  working to the  predicted  effect.   Damocles  moves 
 relentlessly on.  Lloyds were  covered with  cock-up insurance,  so they 
 won't take  the rewards  back,  and  Margaret  will come  across with an 
 additional 25,000,000 CR for you to now destroy the comet. 


 With the  Novabomb gone,  you need  to  use the  explosives  equivalent: 
 eight  pieces of  explosive  placed  together  at  setting  9 will  blow 
 Damocles. There are nine pieces in their usual locations. 

 With just 1 hr :30 mins to go, you'll need to get moving.  Boarding your
 Targ Tourer,  take the exit  road and go left  at the first  junction to 
 regain your Dart II.  Chart the optimum course to call at Gaea, Eris and
 Theon to get  eight explosives and  the Timed Detonator.  The penalty if 
 you find just seven at these locations is a trip to Dion. 


 Fly to 08-08 Vulcan Island, Gaea, then on to the Industrial Co-ops 1 and
 2, at 01-02 and 05-02 Ur City for the first three.  Fly over to 08-08 at
 Chaldea  Metropolis to  use the  transporter  through to No. 1,  for the 
 timed detonator. Then transport to  No. 4, to collect the briefcase. 
 Return to transporter 6, and fly to Eris. 
 The 4th set  of explosives  is to be  found in  the basement  (yes!)  of 
 Hathaway's on Snow Island. 
 At the Hantzen Lab,  you increase your holding to  seven and then fly to 
 02-03  on the  moon Theon  to collect  the eighth.  You  should now have 
 enough time to make it to Damocles!

 ------------------- MISSION 5: THE WISHES SOLUTION ---------------------

 Significant help with  one of the oblique solutions  to the challenge of

             The Midas puzzle unravelled - at least as far as 
             finding the pyramid number that you require. But 
             then, to find the pyramid!!! Not recommended for
             players of an impatient disposition.

 One  of the  more  oblique  solutions  to Damocles is  hinted at  in the 
 Briefing File with a reference to the Mystical Order of Carpenters. 
 Their  Membership  Secretary has  decided that,  if you can  collect the 
 President's Reward,  you might just  afford their joining fee.  So a few 
 strings have been pulled  to help you on the way.  The Novagen Office on
 Birmingham Island is a good source of clues. This is where you start and
 you are already in possession of a valuable book! 


 Check the file in your  Inventory display and  then read the contents of
 the Novagen Safe for a spectacular clue. Set off on the trail indicated. 
 Two Red  Beacons  have been  strategically  placed to  assist.  Find the 
 hidden number that identifies the  pyramid on Midas that holds the Magic


 Now where did  you see  those twelve  star-sign  markings?  Look an' you 
 should find the means to translate  that alien script hidden on Acheron. 
 Given the pyramid number,  you should remember that not all scripts read
 from left to right. 


 As well as  the LEO  clue in the  Novagen Cabinet,  you'll  find helpful
 information under the titles YOU WISH  and MILLIONS in the Novagen Safe.
 Board the Dart,  and fly  to  03-14  to use the  transporter on  the 1st 
 floor. Carrying the Dart, transport to No. 5 (Eris 11-08).  Fly to Lucan
 to find a pair of reading glasses.  Return to  Capital City 11-08 and go 
 back through  to transporter No. 2,  once again  carrying the ship.  Fly 
 from Dion to Acheron,  and at the  Sphinx at 03-06,  a concealed door is 
 indicated by a red beacon.  By holding the glasses  alien characters are
 translated for you to give you the number of the Midas pyramid.
 On Midas, a knowledge of hexadecimal is useful, an appreciation of which
 number pairings are  most significant is almost essential,  and a lot of
 patience is invaluable.

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Damocles Mission Disk 2.

The Damocles Mission Disks are actually hacked saved games that you have to load in Damocles. Here are details and solutions of the new missions, directly taken from the Mission Disk 2. This mission disk also had additionnal "silly saves", which you can load to usually watch a funny situation. Also note an unmentioned 9th saved game, starting right after the complete destruction of the Gamma System (hence a few seconds after the 8th "silly save"). If you need more information, see the help files section.

------------------------- MISSION 1 : JUNO MOON --------------------------

You divert on to Perseus to combat the Professor's devious plot to defeat

         There's some unfamiliar territory to cover to undo the 
         Professor's attempt to defeat you. He really does seem 
                to take his game of chess too seriously!

During the final stages of your journey to Eris, you learn that Professor
Hantzen has 'flown' to conceal the  Novabomb on one of the moons of Juno. 
Knowing that Hantzen Industries  have a laboratory at Alkane Base, that's
where you arrive.
He appears to have brought the Eris transporter system along with him but
this could provide both some clues and the means to move around. 


You'll need to find both the  Novabomb and a craft to travel back to Eris
in sufficient time to take up the Presidents' offer.


Taking the Geiger Counter on  a  quick  tour  of the modified Transporter 
system should reveal the  new  position  of the Novabomb - approximately!
There can be some very  sticky  moments  in  these harsh environments, so 
make the most of the  ten  second  survival  interval  to  get on board a 
Check on what has been moved  and  what  might then, as a consequence, be 
useful to locate.
Although it can be  possible  for  those  with  acute  hearing to use the 
Geiger Counter to find  the  Novabomb,  you  are  unlikely to have either 
enough time, or patience. - Not recommended!


Transporting up from 0 to 1, you  find  the Geiger Counter indicates that 
the Novabomb is somewhere on  the  moon Jason. Transport through to 9 and 
run to the spaceport building  to  collect  the  Concord Key before going 
through to 8 to board the craft.
Collect the Black Beacon on  Bacchus for use as a marker at Transporter 1
on Jason. Flying through to  Transporter  5,  now on Thalia, reveals that 
the Bullet and Red Beacon have been moved.
Leaving your Concord at Thalia,  transport  through to 2 to collect Key E 
from the ninth floor.  Back at 4, Vesta, collect the Targ Tourer key from
the first floor, and take the car conveniently parked outside to 04:04 to
get the Red Beacon Indicator.
Transport back to 5 and  fly  through  to  1  where  the  Red Beacon, now 
showing, yields the  Novabomb  and  Bullet.  Fly  the Bullet through to 5 
before flying back to Eris to  complete  your  mission in the one hour or 
so that remains.

---------------------- MISSION 2 : CLOSE ENCOUNTER ----------------------

Damocles looms large  on  the  horizon  as  you  endeavour  to  'save the 
                                universe' !

         A dramatic new perspective on time as extended 'seconds'
         count down to the  destruction  of the Author's Computer
                    and the catastrophic consequence.

After hours of messing, a hacker  has  accessed the Author's Computer and 
has slowed down time. The hacker then sold the computer at a Trading Post
in Eris Capital southern commercial  centre and made off with the spoils.
Damocles looms on the horizon.  Eris  looks  doomed.  But, unless you can 
save it, so too is the entire solar system. 
If Damocles hits Eris and  destroys  the  Author's Computer the fabric of 
the universe is destroyed!


With some very  fast  and  remunerative  trading,  you  can  purchase the 
Author's Computer and carry it clear of Eris.  You  may even have time to 
use your valuable purchase to  destroy  Damocles and earn the President's 


Your options are varied. But since the hacker has moved the Novabomb, you
are  unlikely  to  find  this  (or  at  least,  not  in  one  piece). The 
Novatriggers have high values,  and the Cupboard, Washbasin and Sideboard
should put you in  funds.  Of  course  you  make a start by accepting the 
Presidents offer. 


The Author's Computer is  on  sale  at  Eris  Capital 12:03. Once in your 
ship, a quick flight to Metis yields the Washbasin. Return to Snow Island
for the Cupboard and then from Transporter 5 through to the Hantzen House
at 0 for the Sideboard.  Sell these at Eris 15:03 (buy the Pressure Suit)
14:03 and 13:03 to afford the computer. Fly it clear. 

But if you have about 25 'seconds' left try this: 
Pick up the Antigrav from 09:02  to enable you to carry your ship through
from Transporter 5 to 2 on  Birmingham  Island.  Fly over to the Author's
House and stand against the window through which you can see the Author's
Chair. You can reach it from here.  Drop  and board it to have control of
the Author's  Computer.  Set  parameter  No. 4 to 29,  the  'number'  for 
Damocles and press *. Rewarding!

--------------------- MISSION 3 : ESCAPE FROM ERIS ----------------------

A feeling of 'deja-vu' for  players  of  Mercenary I.  You are trapped on 

        You arrive on Eris somewhat late. This is the occasion of 
        Damocles' second visit.  Fortunately a keen mercenary did  
        the business  last  time.  But  this  time,  there  is no 
        benevolent President to  provide  you  with a spacecraft.

You land at Eris Capital Spaceport  long after all of the action is over.
Damocles is just a passing visitor and holds no threat. You are broke and
your spacecraft is not fitted  for further flight. No President's welcome
this time and no  comfortable  VIP  Limo  to  greet you. Life on Eris has 
moved on. Whilst there have been no  major  upheavals, President Margaret 
has become increasingly insular and Eris is now in virtual isolation. The
economy is in a mess, and  even  her  favourite  entrepreneur has his Gum 
Store Chain in Receivership. Eris is no place for you!  




Fortunately, there is an old car  available  at the Spaceport, but you'll 
want to ditch this as soon as possible. The Transporter system has become
localised  with  'foreign'  travel  no  longer  encouraged, although, for 
those that can afford it, a spacecraft  can of course be purchased - at a
Alternatively, for those keen 'City'  observers that are prepared to bend
the rules, there is, as ever, the opportunity to succeed!


Drive to the State Office and  collect  the Air Conditioner and Bench and 
on to Transporter 5 at  11:08.  Transport  to 1 at Hantzen Sales and from
there collect the Timed Detonator  and 99 Chevvy Key. Drive the Chevvy to
the Hantzen Lab. 06:05  and  collect  three  Explosives  and then over to
Transporter 3 at 02:04  and  drive  through  to  4  at 02:03 Snow Island. 
Collect the Storage Boxes and Table  from  03:00. Sell Timed Detonator at 
03:04, then locate the Concord Key  in the basement of Hathaways at 06:04
before using the Concord from Scott Airport 07:04.
Fly to  Eris  Capital  and  sell  the  Targ  Tourer  Key,  3  Explosives, 
Storage Boxes, Air Conditioner and Bench and the A-Z Computer from 12:14.
Fly on to Key Island to sell  the  Table.  Fly over to Velos and sell the 
99 Chevvy Key at 03:07 and then  the  Concord Key at 04:06. Walk south to 
04:05 to transport  from  9  to  7  for  a  short  walk  east  to buy the 
Eagle 9 SE at 04:10.


More by way of a hint than a  solution, we can confirm that The Bullet is
there to be found and needs only  an Antigrav to move it and a Key to fly
it. Check out references to the 'economy'.  If you've found the Antigrav,
you can redeem the Bullet from  its  resting place and, provided you have 
liberated its Key,  away  you  go!  And  if  your  motivation  is  money,  
privatise the Transporter system with the local traders.

------------------------- MISSION 4 : BRIEFCASE -------------------------

Reviewing the contents of the  Briefcase  shows  this to be essential for 
                                the game.

           A unique insight into the contents of the Briefcase 
           shows you things that you need,  but tantalisingly,
                        you're not able to touch.

The Author's final job in setting  up  the  game of Damocles was to place 
the objects in position. As we join this game, he had almost finished and
was carrying nineteen objects, including some key items for the defeat of
Damocles. He had travelled to  the  inside  of the Briefcase to check out 
some of these.
But then he took a break  and  went  over  to the Novagen office. Finding 
nobody there, he went  off  for  some  lunch.  Unfortunately, he left the
game running and there are just two hours to go!


Return to the world of Eris and  accept the State Presidents offer. Then,
resisting the temptation to invoke  the 'wishes solution', you'll need to
retrace the Author's path to find the Briefcase and take posession of the
required objects. 

Travel through to Transporter 5  where  your V I P Limo awaits. Deal with 
the President and  collect  your  craft  to  travel  over to Dion. As the 
Detonator for the explosives is  in the Briefcase there can be no blowing
of door locks. Keys will be required but the previously elusive Key A can
be found where the Author left it.


Walk into the Transporter - Floor  G  in Briefcase and after it activates,
use the Author's 'cheat':
Remain stationary and then press  key 5 to travel directly to Transporter
5. ( Now you know how to travel  IN  to your own Inventory or Briefcase.)
The Author left the Briefcase  inside  his  house  at 14:13 on Birmingham 
Island when he took his break.  He  lunched  at  Annie's Bar on Dion East
where he left the key to the Novagen  Office at 02:11 Birmingham Island -
which is where he left his house key.
Once you have the Briefcase, you  can  complete  either of the methods to 
blow up Damocles or use the Author's Computer!

-------------------------- MISSION 5 : S/M PLAY -------------------------

                A sadistic playtester plots against you! 

        Novagen's star playtester, who did much of the planning 
        for 'Mercenary Second City',  assures us that there are 
        players that enjoy this  sort  of  thing. If you have a 
        high degree of  tolerance  to  practical  jokes, please 
                             read on . . . . .

As Damocles author, Paul Woakes,  builds  his  own  solar system and lays 
down  plots  and  projects,  hopefully  for  the  enjoyment  of  all,  he 
inevitably creates a burden for a  small, but significant, group. Spare a
thought for his playtester team.  As each new feature is added, they have
to check on its interaction with  all that has gone before. In the 'free'
Damocles environment, where almost  anything is possible, that adds up to
thousands of hours. There are many  moments of enjoyment but it has to be
said, on occasions, it can prove a  tad  b o r i n g.  Little wonder then 
that, given  the  opportunity  to  set  up  this  mission  and  the Silly 
Situation Saves that  follow  on  6  7  &  8  there  is a common theme of
d e s t r u c t i o n ! 


Play the game and avoid the pitfalls set by this sadistic playtester.


A check on the Data Files shows that  amongst the significant items moved
are the Novabomb, 9 units of  Explosive,  the Author's Computer, the Book 
of Wishes and several Beacons.  There has been a little interference with
the Transporter system and with a few other objects.
We can only suggest  that  you  accept  the  offer  of  the President and 
proceed with caution!


Fly to Snow Island Post Office for  Novatrigger  2.  Collect the Novabomb 
from Eris  Capital  01:14  and  the  Antigrav  from  09:02, and sell this 
locally. Fly up through Transporter  5  to  Mentor  and at 02:01, buy the 
Blue Beacon  Indicator.  Then  fly  on  to  Damocles  where  the Author's 
Computer is marked by a Blue Beacon. 
Fly to the centre of the beacon array and drop the Blue Beacon Indicator.
Fly back up to compare the array and having gone back for the Indicator
and viewed the array again, check out the two re-lit Beacons to locate 
the Author's Computer. Pick this up, drop the Novabomb and fly well clear
to detonate with the Novatrigger.
If you'd rather use the Explosives, these are in the Briefcase and/or the
Wishes Book is for sale at Mentor 05:03. The Playtester's house is also
for sale and can be purchased from C. Rook & Sons Estate Agents at 06:08
Chaldea Metropolis.

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Gamma System planets and moons description

The Gamma System was designed for Damocles and was also used in Mercenary III.

Click here for the full Gamma System planets description, with in-game story as well as what inspired their creation and winks to real life.

This was compiled with information from former Novagen team members (Nick Bacchus, Bruce Jordan, Simon Berry, Neil Toulouse).

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Maps and other help files

Source Files
Simonmy own old maps, incomplete and messy (in French)...
System information;
Eris: Capital City, Bare Island, Velos City and Key West;
Eris: Snow Island + Novatriggers and Novabomb information;
Dion: Birmingham Island, Dion North, Dion East;
Gaea: Chaldea Metropolis;
Gaea: Ur City (dirty), and various information;
various information.
Pawel GaryckiThese maps seem to be designed so you can print and use them to play - no hints:
Eris: Capital City and Key West
Eris system
Gaea system
Icarus, Acheron, Dion system
Remote moons

Guides for both Damocles and the Mission Disks, in Word format, with more details than the solutions from the Mission Disks themselves.

Detailed maps with location names, items (and value if > 1000), and trading posts selling percentage:
Acheron, Atropos, Bacchus, Clotho, Cronus, Cyclopes, Dion Birmigham Island, Dion North, Dion East, Eris Bare Island, Eris Capital City, Eris Key West, Eris Snow Island, Eris Velos City, Gaea Chaldea City, Gaea Vulcan Island, Gaea Ur City, Icarus, Lachesis, Logos, Lucan (in .XLS), Lucan (Leo), Mentor, Metis, Midas (in .TXT), Pan, Perseus, Solon, Thalia, Theon, Tolosa, Vesta.

And a ZIP filled with Pawel's early hand-made maps of all the towns.

Detailed maps for Mission Disk 2, mission 3: Escape From Eris
Eris Bare Island, Eris Capital City, Eris Key West, Eris Snow Island, Eris Velos City.
Jeremy SmithDetailed hand-drawn maps.
Clotho New Town
Eris: Snow Island
Pan Hades labour camp
Gabor Kiss Wonderful vector graphics maps in HTML 5 (zoom with your browser!)
Atropos, Acheron, Bacchus, Clotho, Cronus, Cyclopes, Dion-Birmingham Island, Dion East, Dion North, Eris-Bare Island, Eris-Capital City, Eris-Key West, Eris-Snow Island, Eris-Velos City, Gaea-Chaldea Metropolis, Gaea-Ur city, Gaea-Vulcan Island, Icarus, Lachesis, Logos, Lucan, Mentor, Metis, Midas, Pan, Perseus, Solon, Thalia, Theon, Tolosa, Vesta

Gabor also made videos of all possible solutions for Damocles, see the links section.
Jacob de Meza Gamma System starmap for Damocles, or how to know how long you'll be flying between two planets!

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